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@TIG_italia Giancarlo Marengo, Country Manager Italy, Mandiant (now part of Google Cloud) partecipa come relatore al CYBERSECUR… @Deloitte Are you a board member who wants to take a more active role in building trust within your organization? Click here… @Deloitte About 67% of organizations have boards that formally address trust as a regular issue to nurture and develop - ensu… @Deloitte Looking to create competitive advantage with industry clouds? Deloitte is a Leader in the @IDC MarketScape:… @Deloitte Just launched: Our 2023 Global Health Care Outlook discovers that the adoption of new #technology and care delivery… @TIG_italia .@Fortinet è Partner del Sardegna Digital Summit, la decima tappa del Progetto "Digital Regional Summit" con cui… @Deloitte Our women in cloud are making a difference. From the first day of school to the corner office. From the farmer’s fi… @TIG_italia Gianni Fenu, Prorettore Vicario e Delegato ICT di Ateneo, @univca, è protagonista al Sardegna Digital Summit. Parte… @HuntersGroupIta Conosci @auLAB_it ?? Sei interessato ai corsi #Aulab e vuoi saperne di più? Scrivi a: P… @Protiviti CFOs should keep their M&A platforms primed for action and ready to fire on all cylinders. Protiviti's Jim DeLoach… @Protiviti As commerce and #technology become increasingly intertwined, executives must have a basic technological understandi… @Protiviti Read Protiviti's 2022 Q3/Q4 issue of #ThePulse, where we share a roundup of recently released #healthcare thought l… @bdo_italia Nel 2022 #EFRAG ha emesso gli Exposure Drafts degli #ESRS per realizzare gli obiettivi di informativa in materia di… @Deloitte How can #hydrogen deployment be accelerated? Explore some practical solutions from our new report and join our conv… @Deloitte Emerging technologies may be crucial in enhancing or diminishing trust, but they are only one of many elements on t… @Deloitte How is Deloitte helping prepare the leaders with their food business for the future? Find out in our global… @TIG_italia Fabrizio Giulio Luca Pilo, Prorettore delegato per il Territorio e l’Innovazione @univca, interviene al Sardegna Di… @Deloitte While #climatechange is already a universal risk to human health and well-being, #COVID19 added an urgency to make… @Deloitte Mining has the potential to create a healthy, regenerative ecosystem inclusive of people, planet, and industry.… @Protiviti The National Defense Agency returns to remote work with #ProtivitiTech and @Microsoft. Sixty thousand employees are… @Protiviti National Defense Agency returns to remote work with #ProtivitiTech and @Microsoft Sixty thousand employees are util… @TIG_italia Sergio Nuvoli, Presidente, Corecom Sardegna, partecipa al Sardegna Digital Summit. È relatore alla Sessione Conclus… @Protiviti Protiviti’s #TopRisksSurvey results reveal that #consumerproducts and #retail industry leaders are concerned about… @Deloitte From technology and compliance to talent models, #Deloitte’s Global #RemoteWork Survey hits all the highlights. Kee… @Deloitte Deloitte is a leading provider in the Big 15 category for the Global and Americas regions according to the 3Q 2022… @Protiviti Project portfolio management takes a centralized approach to managing and aligning projects with company goals. Pro… @bdo_italia BDO con @sole24ore. Il Piano #ESG aiuterà a gestire e migliorare i processi e le strategie per impattare positivame… @NiederdorfItali 🔦 il Job Focus di oggi @Deloitte Deloitte's 2023 CxO Sustainability Report explores the intersection of #climate change and the C-suite amid uncerta… @TIG_italia Stefano Lusardi, IT Security Manager, @LaFeltrinelli – Referente Lombardia, #CyberSecurityAngels partecipa come re… @bdo_italia ISCRIVITI per approfondire gli aggiornamenti e le principali tematiche applicative nei bilanci 2022 nonché gli aspe… @bdo_italia Nasce #BDOforYOU perché in BDO siamo attenti al benessere delle persone e alla qualità dell’ambiente lavorativo in… @bdo_italia Pubblicati 3 nuovi provvedimenti per espandere l’attuale framework europeo in tema di #cybersicurezza per rafforzar… @Deloitte It’s time to listen. Find out why Indigenous people should be at the heart of solving the nature crisis we are faci… @TIG_italia Francesco Mola, Rettore, @univca, interviene al Sardegna Digital Summit. È relatore alla Sessione di Apertura dal t… @Protiviti The results of Protiviti’s #TopRisksSurvey highlight that people problems upstage data privacy and economic challen… @bdo_italia BDO partner dell'evento a cura dell'Istituto Italiano Imballaggio con la collaborazione di BDO Spagna e UK per fare… @TIG_italia Simonetta Sabatino, Head of Cyber Security & Workplace Management (CISO), Saras Group, partecipa come relatrice al… @Protiviti Every month, Protiviti curates trending #industryinsights to help you navigate today’s challenges within the consum… @Deloitte #Lowcarbon #hydrogen will play a key role in the future #energy system. Our new report shares the practical solutio… @Deloitte Should digital trust be the sole responsibility of the IT department? Learn more about the C-suite’s role in mainta… @Protiviti CFOs are overhauling their technology budgets as inflation, slumping economic growth and other external forces jeop… @Deloitte Tracking the Trends 2023 is live! Explore the potential of the mining and metals industry to promote a healthy, reg… @HuntersGroupIta Manca meno di un giorno alla nostra #Live "Consulenza: Scenari e Opportunità". Non ti sei ancora iscritto/a alla… @Protiviti In an unstable #risk environment, directors must help their companies manage for the long term and maintain organiz… @TIG_italia .@stefanomameli, Direttore Generale, Città Metropolitana di Cagliari, è relatore al Sardegna Digital Summit. Partec… @Deloitte The 2023 #CxOReport shows that CxOs agree that their organizations and the global economy can continue to grow whil… @Deloitte After a burnout from the pandemic and changing worker demands, health organizations increasingly rely on innovation… @Deloitte Accelerating Transformation in Health Care. Leaders from #Deloitte, #SentaraHealthcare, and #Workday discuss how co… @Deloitte #Insurance companies must innovate and transform to adapt. In this podcast, #Deloitte and #Workday talk about the t… @TIG_italia .@ezioviola, Co-Founder, @TIG_italia, è moderatore alla Sessione parallela 2 del Sardegna Digital Summit intitolata… @TIG_italia .@emiliomango, Amministratore Delegato, @TIG_italia, modera la Sessione parallela 3 del "Sardegna Digital Summit" i… @TIG_italia Stefano Visconti, Presidente, Unione delle Camere di Commercio della Sardegna, interviene al Sardegna Digital Summi… @Deloitte Infrastructure with a positive economic and social impact? Join our own Michael Flynn from last week’s #WEF23 in Da… @Deloitte Still want more from #WEF23? Last week in Davos, Greg Reh sat down in the Deloitte Haus studio to discuss health eq… @Deloitte Missed Davos? Junk Kouture Founder and CEO Troy Armour shares insights on supporting today's youth in a panel discu… @TIG_italia .@NunziaCiardi, Vicedirettore Generale, Agenzia per la Cybersicurezza Nazionale (ACN) partecipa come relatrice al C… @Protiviti End-to-end encrypted messaging options are widely available today. How do these solutions fit into corporate IT and… @TIG_italia Augusto Raggi, Head of @EnelXItalia, interviene al Sardegna Digital Summit. È relatore alla Sessione parallela 2 in… @HuntersGroupIta Il settore dell’#Information and #Communication Technology offre molte #opportunità di lavoro. 👉Ascolta l'intervis… @bdo_italia ▪ CONTRIBUTO AMBIENTALE CONAI: NOVITÀ 2023 ▪ CREDITO D’IMPOSTA PER L’ACQUISTO DI MATERIALI RICICLATI ▪ PLASTIC TAX… @Deloitte Deloitte's food experts and industry leaders came together at the @wef's annual meeting in Davos to carve the evolu… @Deloitte With increased #healthcare demands and labor shortages, adoption of new technologies such as #telemedicine and… @Deloitte COVID-19 not only affected the most vulnerable communities, but it also added to the #healthequity divide across th… @Deloitte Just launched: Our 2023 Global Health Care Outlook discovers that the adoption of new #technology and care delivery… @Deloitte "The critical infrastructure businesses: Banking. Telco. Energy. Hospitals. Healthcare. All these depend on encrypt… @TIG_italia Simonetta Sabatino, Head of Cyber Security & Workplace Management, Saras Group, è relatrice al Sardegna Digital Sum… @Deloitte Climate change weighs heavily on the minds of C-suite leaders around the world. Download the #CxOReport now.… @bdo_italia BDO ha assistito Vargus Ltd nell’acquisito del 100% di NOVATEA S.p.A., grazie al lavoro di un team multidisciplinar… @HuntersGroupIta Sei già #socio ANIPLA? Non sei socio #ANIPLA e vuoi saperne di più? Scrivi a: Per sapern… @Deloitte ITR has acknowledged 621 Deloitte leaders in the 2023 World Tax and World Transfer Pricing guides. We are proud of… @Deloitte How is Deloitte making a meaningful difference to #health? The Deloitte Health Equity Institutes in India, Africa &… @Deloitte Eager for more Davos-related discussion? Join BHP’s Paul Perry and discover takeaways from the recent #WEF23 livest… @Deloitte What region of the world sees 50% of the engineering degrees granted to women? 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Yet only 1 in 4… @bdo_italia Si tratta di una definizione agevolata per i debiti contenuti nei carichi affidati all’Agente della riscossione dal… @TIG_italia .@marcobellezza, AD, @Infratel_Italia, partecipa al Sardegna Digital Summit. Interviene alla Sessione Conclusiva in… @Deloitte “The first step is that we all need to agree that health is a human right,” says Médecins Sans Frontières and WEF Y… @HuntersGroupIta Qual è il punto di vista dell'Head Hunter sulla figura del #Controller? Non perdere la #Live di Venerdì 27 Gennaio… @Deloitte Our planet is in crisis. Solutions? Explore our latest report: Embedding Indigenous Knowledge in the Conservation a… @Deloitte Interested in more from Davos? 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Find out in the 2023 #CxOReport.… @Deloitte Solutions to the nature crisis? Voices anchored in a deep culture of science and wisdom—the world’s Indigenous peop… @Deloitte "Education. Skills. Opportunity. Through our WorldClass initiative, we are helping to create transformative change…
Nel marzo 2020 con l’esplosione della pandemia, l’Osservatorio sul Management Consulting ha avviato una rilevazione periodica sull’andamento di un panel di circa 30 aziende di tutte le classi dimensionali, così da monitorare in maniera tempestiva l’andamento del settore.
Questo approccio orientato al monitoraggio in tempo reale e ad una proiezione ai trend attesi ha iniziato ad avere cadenza trimestrale in maniera continuativa, anche negli anni successivi.

In questa sezione si possono scaricare i vari report scaturiti da queste indagini; le stime sono state sviluppate per ciascuna classe dimensionale e poi estrapolate all’intero settore del Management Consulting, come descritto nella nota metodologica a fine rapporto.