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@Accentureitalia Difendere le aziende da possibili #Cyberattack significa monitorare il web e il #darkweb h24. Questa è solo una del… @Deloitte #Infrastructure investments globally could lead to a 0.3% increase in global GDP and create up to 3 million jobs pe… @Protiviti In Protiviti's Monthly Compliance Newsletter, read how to prepare for a post-pandemic fraud landscape, the future o… @Deloitte #UX + Digital Design + Customer Analytics = Insights for growth & retention. See why else Deloitte is a Leader in… @Protiviti Join us on August 10th, where our diverse panel of experts will discuss their personal observations, trends and bes… @Deloitte The 2021 @Gartner_inc. Critical Capabilities for #SAP S/4HANA Applications Services report is out, and Deloitte sco… @Deloitte Watch the video and learn how we helped our previous #lead2030 winners Arielle and Ilana make an #ImpactThatMatters… @Protiviti Our SOX Survey found that while hours required for #SOX #compliance efforts increased for most organizations,… @Protiviti Protiviti's quarterly newsletter, Private Equity Insights, is out now. Subscribe today!… @Deloitte What's the future of #HumanCapital? Leaders with empathy and using #ML to create a curated work experience for empl… @Accentureitalia Oggi abbiamo completato l’acquisizione di Ethica Consulting Group, un gruppo di aziende tecnologiche con sede in It… @Protiviti Protiviti's Dimitry Snezhkov will walk through the design considerations of a friendly offensive #ransomware implan… @Deloitte Is the world witnessing a slow but steady move towards #SustainableManufacturing? Find out more by exploring some r… @Protiviti We’re passionate about technology. Learn how Protiviti can help you solve business problems leveraging technology… @Deloitte Our #Lead2030 winner Arielle is working towards providing innovative tech tools to provide access to quality educat… @Deloitte Deloitte has once again been ranked #1⃣ worldwide in Security Consulting Services based on revenue by @Gartner_inc.… @methasrl La sostenibilità è la via maestra per il nostro futuro. Con Metha la tua impresa può fare qualcosa.… @methasrl Per quest'anno l'Italia ha già esaurito le risorse naturali a disposizione e per il resto del 2021 va in debito con… @Deloitte How to manage the risk in using digital technologies in your business? Our Digital Controls advisory services will… @Protiviti With business growing rapidly, we find our clients struggling to maintain the uniqueness and quality of their #data… @Accentureitalia Soluzioni #Cloud, IOT e di mobility sono essenziali per la reinvenzione digitale dell’Oil & Gas. Scopri come la tec… @Deloitte We recommend health care and life sciences organizations stay two steps ahead to improve their cyber posture and ha… @Protiviti Today’s private equity leaders must manage priorities and risks at the same time to keep pace with the transformati… @Protiviti We’re passionate about technology. Learn how Protiviti can help you solve business problems leveraging technology… @Deloitte As #Mining companies progress towards becoming truly intelligent, roles will continue to evolve. Discover what capa… @Protiviti Protiviti's Bob Hirth will join a panel to discuss setting your ESG strategy, structuring and sustaining your ESG p… @Deloitte In this year’s report, loyalty levels have slipped a bit from their peak in 2020. More #millennials and Gen Zs woul… @Deloitte Our latest report outlines the significance of #taxcredits and incentives in helping nations recover from the econo… @Accentureitalia Oggi abbiamo siglato un accordo per l’acquisizione di @openmindonline con l'obiettivo di rafforzare le competenze… @Protiviti Trapped ion and transmon qubits are dominant in gate-based #quantum computers. Join #podcast host @KonstantHacker f… @Protiviti When #CIOs cheat disruption by focusing on #BCM programs that build #resilience, #enterprisetransformation can pros… @Protiviti How can CISOs find and leverage creative, innovative ways to proactively protect, prepare and support their organiz… @Deloitte How can #InfrastructureInvestments help #EmergingMarkets recover and thrive in these unprecedented times? Our lates… @methasrl Approvata la legge sui defibrillatori DAE nei luoghi pubblici e di lavoro @Protiviti When the world is fluid, businesses must adapt to meet the demands of a dynamic world. At Protiviti, we don’t stand… @Protiviti Join Protiviti's Dimitry Snezhkov at #BlackHat as he shows ways to prototype components of fully remote #ransomware… @Deloitte How can mining and metals leaders create incentive mechanisms to attract millennials and Gen Zs as they transition… @Protiviti Protiviti's quarterly newsletter, Private Equity Insights, comes out later this week. Subscribe now!… @Deloitte The #Manufacturing industry must put #Sustainability at the heart of decision-making. Strategic acquisitions and st… @Deloitte “If we’re not a family, what are we?” That’s a key question we dig into in this special report of #HCTrends on the… @Protiviti In Protiviti's latest Internal Auditing Around the World®, we focused on the topic of resilience and asked chief au… @Deloitte Trust is tangible and can be measured. Researchers from Harvard Business School @sandrasucher, @ShaleneGupta sat do… @Accentureitalia L’utilizzo estensivo dei dati e la centralità del capitale umano sono due elementi che possono portare al successo… @Protiviti We’re passionate about technology. Learn how Protiviti can help you solve business problems leveraging technology… @Protiviti While the pandemic accelerated changes in policies to ensure access to patient care, these benefits increased expos… @Deloitte We are excited to be an official @OneYoungWorld #Lead2030 partner. This year we recommitted to advancing SDG4 Quali… @Protiviti As #cybersecurity attacks increase and #digitaltransformation continues to be a business priority, #zerotrust has s… @Deloitte 4 years in a row, 🔟 times total! 🎊 Deloitte is again ranked #1 in Market Share: Consulting Services, Worldwide, 202… @Deloitte The latest Deloitte #ResponsibleBusiness blog post looks at important changes needed to encourage more women to pur… @Protiviti The Business CISO is adept at blending traditional and emerging technologies to best serve the company’s changing p… @Deloitte We are proud to support @OneYoungWorld in the launch of #Lead2030 - the first coalition of businesses working toget… @Protiviti In this session, "A Governance Approach for ESG Success," Protiviti's Bob Hirth will speak to setting an ESG strate… @Deloitte Learn where should organizations begin now to strengthen #trust within their stakeholders and build that trust equi… @Protiviti Tomorrow, don't miss the 'Managing the Risks of Emerging Technology' webinar from Protiviti's Scott Laliberte and A… @Deloitte The #FutureOfWork in #Mining is not only about introducing new technologies but also about considering the role and… @Protiviti #Quantumcomputing capabilities are causing disruption and opportunities, but tech leaders don’t understand the impa… @Deloitte Complexity & speed are key 🔑 to helping your #Commerce transformation. Explore the @forrester Commerce Services Wav… @Accentureitalia I leader del settore Oil & Gas stanno ottenendo vantaggio competitivo attraverso un processo di trasformazione che… @Protiviti A #healthcare company recognized a need to revamp its #disbursement, #accrual and close #processes and invited Prot… @Protiviti Join us at #BlackHat 2021 where we walk through the design considerations and implementation of a friendly offensiv… @Protiviti As organizations modernize their tech platforms, key cyber #security disciplines need to be considered. #CIOs shoul… @Protiviti The challenges #manufacturing and #distribution leaders face can cause them to wonder how to deal with issues facin… @Deloitte What are the three practical steps #mining & #metals leaders can take to ensure access to the right set of skills t… @Protiviti Managing Director Lucy Pearman spoke with CEO and co-founder of AIR, the Alliance for Innovative Regulation, Jo Ann… @Protiviti Protiviti's quarterly newsletter, Private Equity Insights, comes out later this week. Subscribe now!… @Deloitte Deloitte Global CEO @PunitRenjen discusses the importance of measuring and managing trust across a wide range of st… @Accentureitalia Il nostro nuovo report rivela 4 approcci chiave che i continuum competitor condividono per liberare la competitivit… @Deloitte "Frequent and transparent communication is a tool for building trust." Learn how leaders can scale #trust across th… @Deloitte Researchers from @HarvardHBS @sandrasucher, @ShaleneGupta and Deloitte Global CEO @PunitRenjen sat down to discuss… @Protiviti We’re passionate about technology. Learn how Protiviti can help you solve business problems leveraging technology… @Deloitte Learn how leading organizations can build, measure and nurture #trust in our latest @Deloitteinsight report. @Protiviti #Privateequity firms have heeded the writing on the wall. A confluence of factors, including investor interest in… @Protiviti The Financial Education and Research Foundation, Robert Half and Protiviti featured in-depth Q&A discussions with g… @Deloitte "Deloitte's extensive network and size within the GCC region make it a desirable prospect as a trusted partner." -… @Protiviti In Protiviti's #healthcare #webinar learn to: detect types of #fraud that are coming out during the #pandemic; iden… @Deloitte "Deloitte is one of the largest Sls in the Oracle ecosystem and offers wide-ranging industry-specific Oracle soluti… @paadvice Il 16/07 #PAAdvice ha organizzato un #meeting di metà anno nella bella cornice dell’hotel @vcapodimonte di Napoli,… @Accentureitalia Cosa c'è oltre la migrazione al #cloud? Un continuum di opportunità e innovazione. Scopri di più:…


Assoconsult dà il benvenuto a Bain & Company come nuova associata

Welcome on board!


Parte un nuovo progetto di Advocacy della Consulenza

Welcome on board!

Articolo Il Sole 24 Ore -  Buti: la fase esecutiva del Pnrr ha bisogno di poteri adeguati
Seminario Assoconsult 31 Marzo 2021

Morelli: serve un Piano cordinato, la Consulenza è pronta a fare la propria parte

Audizione di Assoconsult al Senato della Repubblica presso le Commissioni V e XIV congiunte Bilancio e Politiche Europee sulla Proposta di Piano nazionale di ripresa e resilienza PNRR

11 Marzo 2021


Morelli: “Competenze e cultura della progettazione sono garanzie che mettiamo a disposizione del Governo”.

Articolo Milano Finanza: Consulenza, Ok la prova Covid

Il Presidente Morelli: siamo a disposizione di Draghi per dare il nostro contributo al PNRR


Intervista al nostro Presidente Morelli

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