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@Deloitte Deloitte makes a clean sweep at the @ITR 2022 Americas Tax Awards with 21 wins, securing the Transfer Pricing Firm… @Deloitte The DoD’s current #climate strategy primarily focuses on resilience, but #climatechange may also create new opportu… @paadvice Lavoriamo ogni giorno per rendere più moderna ed efficiente la #PA. E questo si ottiene anche introducendo percorsi… @Protiviti From #automation to #ESG and #talentmanagement, CFOs are reimagining their long-term roles. Read the latest Global… @Deloitte Deloitte and @JunkKouture collaborate to unleash the creative brilliance of youth—and to support the development of… @Protiviti Great #leaders have strong networks and those who have access to a wide variety of resources are invaluable employe… @Deloitte Learn what our #cloud specialists are seeing as some of the radical benefits from cloud investments in this new art… @bdo_italia Siamo lieti di aver assistito Advice Group - la società che per prima ha introdotto in Italia la Behavioral Loyalty… @bdo_italia Il Master online ESG - Sustainability advanced management: la gestione della sostenibilità in azienda” che BDO prom… @Protiviti Join our upcoming webinar where we discuss our Global Finance Trends Survey findings and provide recommendations fo… @NiederdorfItali @NiederdorfItali JOB OPENING: Vuoi entrare a far parte di un dinamico team che lavora su progetti di respiro #internazionale? Per az… @NiederdorfItali JOB OPENING: Vuoi entrare a far parte di un dinamico team che lavora su progetti di respiro #internazionale? Per az… @Deloitte Integrity. Independence. Impact. Read our 2022 Global Impact Report to see how we are committed to serving our vita… @Deloitte People, progress, and purpose-led. Deloitte’s commitment to making an #ImpactThatMatters is brought to life in our… @Deloitte What must #pharma do now to ensure climate goal intention becomes reality. Join us @ReutersEvents on 6th Oct to hea… @Protiviti Protiviti has been named one of the #BestWorkplaces For Women by @GPTW_US and @FortuneMagazine. Employees say: “Pro… @Protiviti Listen to our latest #podcast by Chris Wright, Global Lead of our Business Performance Improvement solution, where… @Deloitte We’re thrilled to collaborate with @FemaleQuotient to spotlight 25 women leaders across cybersecurity. The contribu… @Deloitte Join us at the @ReutersEvents where James Gregson and other industry experts will share how to create deep cultural… @Protiviti Protiviti technology consulting experts leverage the latest technologies to solve business problems and help organi… @Deloitte What do recycled, couture-inspired designs & professional services have in common? Deloitte & @JunkKouture collabor… @Protiviti When is the time for action on the #environment? The answer is now, as the environment remains the most relevant as… @Deloitte Want to get the most out of your move to #cloud? Here's what you need to know about leveraging it as a force multip… @Protiviti CFOs seeking to navigate a shifting economic environment are reconsidering their #supplychain models as inflationar… @Deloitte By shifting from a reactive to a proactive approach to #climate, the DoD can create a military that is both more re… @sintexselezione #RICERCHIAMO #RESPONSABILE #UFFICIO #ACQUISTI #MILANOSUD @Protiviti View our on-demand webinar to gain key insights from our Global #FinanceTrends Survey, and learn how CFOs are reima… @Protiviti The range of uncertainties facing business leaders is overwhelming. Looking ahead, what do you envision as… @Protiviti Interest in #ESG accelerated when investors began asking how environmental and social issues affect businesses’ per… @Deloitte We are Deloitte women in SAP. Ready to dream big and do big things, together? Join us. #DeloitteWomenInSAP… @Deloitte From emerging technologies to outsourcing opportunities, Deloitte’s 2023 real estate outlook examines the latest… @Protiviti Traditional #shadowIT is giving way to business-led technology deployments that have the IT department's approval.… @Deloitte Adding a #climate lens to decision-making can help militaries better understand the operational environment and unc… @Protiviti Protiviti is proud to be recognized as a 2022 #BestCompaniesForDads winner by @Seramount We are also proud to recog… @Deloitte Many organizations don't see all the expected benefits in the race to adopt the #cloud. Learn how to bridge the gap… @modaresearch Foto appena pubblicata @DXCitaly Torna BANCASSICURAZIONE con DXC Technology Italia , l’evento promosso da #ABI e #ANIA dedicato al mercato assicurat… @Protiviti In Protiviti's #FinanceTrends Survey, 72% of #finance executives said their organization “experienced disruptions b… @Deloitte #InsurTechs are helping to accelerate technology transformation in two fundamental ways—as competitors and collabor… @Deloitte Every day is a chance to speed the realization of the vision to limit global warming. Join Deloitte Sustainability… @Protiviti What can a #CFO do to address the impact of issues on #cashflow? Jim DeLoach contributes to @Forbes #CFONetwork tha… @Deloitte While only 40% of global real estate CFOs expect to finish 2022 with revenue increases, there are bright spots in t… @Deloitte Are you a young leader taking strides to combat #climatechange? Apply now to be a part of our next #Lead2030 cohort… @Deloitte Responding to climate change isn't just about reducing emissions. It requires a transformative, systems-level appro… @Protiviti Protiviti has been named one of the “Best Firms to Work For” by @Consulting_Mag for the 9th consecutive year. Proti… @Deloitte Just released! Our 2023 #Insurance outlook explores the cross-industry agenda setters that could become your compet… @bdo_italia Tutti gli approfondimento nel LawAlert del 21 settembre 2022 a cura dei professionisti BDO Law: @bdo_italia Non perdere l’intervento del nostro Partner nella I sessione plenaria "VITA E RISPARMIO: PROTEGGERE IL RISPARMIO PE… @Protiviti In support of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, #ProtivitiTech is hosting a series of four webinars on critical topics… @Deloitte We’re thrilled to collaborate with @FemaleQuotient to spotlight 25 women leaders across cybersecurity. The contribu… @Protiviti The takeaways from the results of our #GlobalFinanceTrendsSurvey show that CFOs are continuing to position themselv… @Deloitte @dorapalfi from @imagilabs was one of last year’s #Lead2030 SDG4 winners sponsored by Deloitte. See how you can als… @Deloitte We believe that a better future is possible. Deloitte is launching a globally coordinated learning program to incre… @Deloitte Deloitte is ranked #1⃣ worldwide in Consulting Services based on revenue by @Gartner_inc.! 5 years in a row, 11 ti… @bdo_italia Il 28/9 siamo al #ForumOneLAVORO evento sulle novità operative o di prossima vigenza sui rapporti lavoro e sulla lo… @bdo_italia I nostri #Recruiter vi aspettano numerosi al #Careerday della @SapienzaRoma. Vieni a scoprire tutte le opportunità… @Deloitte The @Gartner_inc: Vendor Rating is a complex rating based on six categories. Discover all 6 and why Deloitte earned… @Deloitte As a purpose-led organization we’re proud of our commitment to deliver sustainable and long term-value for all. Fin… @bdo_italia Insieme ad @ACCinhouse desideriamo ringraziare i presenti all’evento di degustazione “Sparkling beyond the label” p… @Deloitte Join Deloitte Sustainability & Climate leaders as they dive into the findings of the Global Turning Point Report an… @bdo_italia Oggi si conclude la prima settimana di formazione degli 85 #neolaureati che hanno scelto di salire a bordo di… @DXCitaly "DXC Technology Italia Match Race” organizzato in collaborazione con ServiceNow, svoltosi il 9/09 scorso a Santa Ma… @Deloitte 11 years in a row! Deloitte has again been ranked #1 in Market Share: Security Consulting Services, Worldwide, 2021… @Deloitte Deloitte's new report provides an overview of climate change, its impacts, and what business leaders can do to resp… @Deloitte Deloitte scored highest in 2 Use Cases in 2022 @Gartner_inc Critical Capabilities for Data and Analytics Service Pr… @Deloitte Deloitte is a Leader in the @IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Managed #Cloud #Security Services in the Multicloud Era 202… @DXCitaly DXC Technology Italia su @MilanoFinanza nell'articolo a cura di Angela Zoppo "DXC, partnership con i privati per d… @Deloitte An outstanding performance by Deloitte at the ITR 2022 EMEA Tax Awards, winning 32 awards including the Diversity,… @Protiviti Join our upcoming webinar to gain key insights from our #GlobalFinanceTrendsSurvey, and learn how CFOs are reimagin… @Deloitte We’re thrilled to collaborate with @FemaleQuotient to spotlight 25 women leaders across cybersecurity. The contribu… @Protiviti Business continuity and resilience are critical topics in boardrooms and among the C-suite. We updated our guide t… @Deloitte 84% of customers lose #trust in a brand that doesn't meet their sustainability expectiations. Take @Deloitte's Boar… @paadvice La riforma #PA appena lanciata, i modelli di “corso-concorso” o la gestione oculata dei tirocini possono aiutare, m… @Protiviti Identifying #cybersecurity issues and creating #riskmanagement plans can be complex. A #CISO who provides relatable… @Deloitte Issues such as fair access to scarce resources, intergenerational #equity, or qualitative growth are becoming ever… @Deloitte Consumers are facing a dilemma: splurge or save? Explore the global shifts in #ConsumerSpending intention in our la…




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La Consulenza in Italia: 5,1 miliardi di fatturato e 52 mila dipendenti

9 Agosto 2022

ARTICOLO SUL SOLE 24 ORE: "Consulenza, giro d’affari in crescita. Faro sulle opportunità del Pnrr"

22 Giugno 2022

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