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@Deloitte #DigitalIdentity by Deloitte unifies identity governance and administration, #accessmanagement, and privileged acce… @Protiviti The CSRD will be published in the Official Journal of the European Union and will enter into force 20 days after. R… @sintexselezione ADMINISTRATION ASSISTANT CAT. PROT. MILANO @Protiviti In The Protiviti View, we highlight the questions boards should consider when reflecting on the key themes and take… @Deloitte Technological innovation is a key feature of modern transportation; equally critical is an equity-centered approach… @Deloitte "What does it take to ensure that investments in #digitaltransformation actually pay off in the end? Digital Trans… @Protiviti #Technology is an enabler of innovation that drives growth, efficiency, and improved customer experience. Take our… @Protiviti Protiviti's Richard Cohen shares how an organization's #GeneralCounsel is expected to serve as a strategic business… @Deloitte Deloitte’s Global Inclusion Leader, @emmajcodd, took part in a discussion at the @Womens_Forum about #MentalHealth… @Protiviti Protiviti's Jim DeLoach details why an uncertain landscape presents an unclear future with multiple scenarios and t… @Protiviti A new approach to regulating big technology firms is coming into force across the #EU and will impact #technology c… @Deloitte Meet our Japan-based Director Rie Matsumori and learn to navigate through opportunities. This could be you.… @Deloitte Meet our Japan-based Director Rie Matsumori and learn to navigate through opportunities. This could be you.… @Protiviti With the #SEC poised to release a final rule on #climate disclosures, 2023 is set up to be a year for #accounting p… @Deloitte Just in! Deloitte's global #Tech, #Media & #Telecom 2023 Predictions. How will the top trends and technologies tran… @Protiviti November is a time for giving and appreciation, and we want to thank you for being a part of our audience. This mon… @Deloitte Companies that don't place employee experience at the heart of their digital workplace risk lower productivity and… @Deloitte Leading-edge #semiconductors will be important in the future, but chips made through older processes will remain cr… @Net_Cube 📆🔒🛡 Oggi @Net_Cube alla #CyberWarfareConference 2022 @eucacs 🗣 Focus sullo speech delle ore 10.45 a cura di… @Protiviti In The Protiviti View, learn how comprehensive, data-driven HR “health checks” facilitated by independent external… @Deloitte Meet Korynne: “That I work for one organization but get to work across several different clients is one of the thin… @Protiviti Whether migrating to cloud-based applications, enhancing #datasecurity and #privacy or managing workforce disruptio… @Deloitte Most #Banks say they have a responsibility to help drive the transition to a #LowCarbon economy. Learn more in a ne… @Deloitte Amid cyber talent deficits and increasing #cybersecurity threats worldwide, #MXDR by Deloitte brings together exper… @Deloitte In the Global Transportation Trends 2022 report, we explore what is driving the demand surge for electric vehicles… @bdo_italia LAST CALL: ISCRIVITI! Focus: -Contesto normativo e presupposti giuridici -OIC: commenti al… @Deloitte Europe is a net importer of #semiconductors: it consumes about 20% of the global chip supply but manufactures only… @Net_Cube 📌🎙📊 Il Presidente @Net_cube #GiancarloCapitani a #DigitaleXCrescere @anitecassinform: oggi la presentazione del Rap… @SCS_Consulting Ripensare i Percorsi di Carriera – Workshop SCS - 30/11/22 @SCS_Consulting Seminario SCS Unioni di Comuni, 01/12/22 @bdo_italia BDO assiste @eprsocial agenzia comunicazione e PR, nell’acquisizione del 51% di Justbit azienda specializzata in so… @Deloitte Deloitte is proud to be a global sponsor of the @Womens_Forum Global Meeting on 29-30 November. The Women’s Forum i… @Protiviti With #FedNow, Real-Time Payments, Same-Day #ACH, and other emerging products and services, treasurers should evalua… @Deloitte Where does the global #Banking industry stand in the transition to #ClimateNeutrality? See what industry leaders sa… @Protiviti Business continuity and resilience are critical topics in boardrooms and among the C-suite. We have updated our gu… @Deloitte AI can make our lives easier. See how Reny Vargis-Cheriyan improves efficiency by automating standard tasks with AI… @Protiviti Networking is more important than ever. Protiviti launched the Global Alumni Network to reconnect former colleagues… @Deloitte 129 million girls are not in school globally. With education still posing as a luxury, see how our #WorldClass ambi… @Protiviti An #insurance and #risk management firm faced multiple challenges as it prepared for an #IPO. Its leadership was in… @Deloitte AI is doing a lot for businesses, social good and the world. Beena Ammanath shares how at Deloitte, it is all in on… @Deloitte See how we’re building #BetterFutures through our #WorldClass ambition and new documentary series. Meet Kajal and… @Deloitte The global #semiconductor industry is predicted to reach US$633 billion in 2022 and may hit US$1 trillion in revenu… @Deloitte We welcome the opportunity to engage with a global community of leaders this week at the @Womens_Forum – collaborat… @bdo_italia Continua la presenza di BDO ai #careerday universitari. Oggi siamo al Bocconi & Jobs, evento virtuale promosso da… @Deloitte Alongside @udayancare, @DeloitteIndia offers young women scholarships, career guidance, and mentoring to expand the… @Deloitte "What does it take to ensure that investments in #digitaltransformation actually pay off in the end? Digital Trans… @Deloitte Access to a quality education is out of reach for many girls and young women across the world. Dive into the… @bdo_italia BDO assiste Polygon Group nell’acquisizione del 100% di All Consulting Service per gli aspetti finanziari e fiscali… @bdo_italia La fatturazione elettronica ha accelerato il processo di digitalizzazione delle aziende italiane? Quali i settori m… @bdo_italia BDO sponsor dell’iniziativa #AssoNEXTAwards Categorie premiate: Best IPO Best performance Best Lawyer Best ESG id… @Deloitte Digital Identity. Done. Learn how #DigitalIdentity by Deloitte can help manage your complete identity and… @Deloitte What can #transportation agencies do to simplify pricing for road users and build a system of reliable revenue stre… @bdo_italia Scopri i prossimi eventi promossi da BDO ISCRIVITI e non mancare! @Deloitte Get the proven identity technology, processes, and talent you need to manage your #digitalidentity lifecycle under… @Net_Cube ✍️📎 #CIOSurvey2022 e il cambio (evidente) di ruolo dei #CIO: l’editoriale di @EmaTeruzzi. Scopri le riflessioni co… @Deloitte Deloitte Global Inclusion leader, @EmmaJCodd, and Deloitte Global Board Chair, @SharonThorneUK, share their own exp… @Deloitte Deloitte received an Overall: Strong rating with 4 out of 6 categories in the 2022 Vendor Rating by @Gartner_inc. D… @Net_Cube 🔡📎 𝗖𝗜𝗢 𝗦𝗨𝗥𝗩𝗘𝗬, le strategie dei CIO per affrontare il post-emergenza. Primi risultati: 📊#Cybersecurity e #Cloud, 🍃…




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CONSULTING PROVA SUPERATA - Nelle crisi il settore si conferma in crescita



ARTICOLO SUL SOLE 24 ORE: "Consulenza, il Pnrr spinge il fatturato e tiene lontana la crisi

14 Ottobre 2022


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