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@Deloitte What do today’s business leaders have to say about the intersection of #BusinessAndClimate? Find out in Deloitte’s… @Deloitte 2022 Global Health Care Outlook launched! Discover the top trends, key challenges and opportunities shaping the fut… @Deloitte Now is the time to diversify & channel investments to be prepared when #cyber attacks land. See why Deloitte is a w… @Deloitte Businesses need to take decisive action to limit the worst impacts of #ClimateChange. Find out what leaders can do… @Deloitte How can CxOs move the needle on the global climate emergency? Find out in Deloitte’s 2022 CxO Sustainability Report… @Deloitte What alternative technologies, policies, and financing options can help speed the adoption of renewable energy tech… @Deloitte The rate of internal return from innovation in #pharmaceuticals in 2021 reached the highest value since 2014. Read… @Deloitte Unprecedented extreme climate and weather events in 2021 point toward an increasing focus on utility resiliency str… @Deloitte #Industryclouds are reshaping the future of the restaurant industry by offering the greatest revenue opportunity an… @Protiviti If you think that during times of disruption and beyond, it’s important for businesses to remain resilient, you nee… @NiederdorfItali Hai voglia di sperimentare un ruolo ibrido? Guarda questa job: Cerco unə #supplychain and … @NiederdorfItali Sei dotatə di capacità di elaborazione dei #numeri e di capacità di #analisi? Allora abbiamo la posizione giusta pe… @NiederdorfItali Se già sei attivo nel settore #firedetection, #evacuation e #safety, allora sei la persona che stiamo cercando:… @methasrl CORSI PER ADDETTI ANTINCENDIO -Corso Antincendio Rischio Basso di 4 ore del 1 FEBBRAIO 2022 -Corso Antincendio Ris… @Deloitte What does it mean to work well? We’re cohosting a conversation this Friday with @tortoise and @DeloitteUS Chief Wel… @Deloitte How can organizations better attract and retain #millennials? Read our latest report to learn more: @Deloitte Supply chains are a complex mosaic of interdependent actors, however, vulnerabilities can be hidden in their comple… @Deloitte What 5 trends should #engineering and #construction companies be watching as we head into the new year? Learn more… @Deloitte Can #HomomorphicEncryption help address #AI ’s privacy and security challenges? What role will other such… @Deloitte Shared #mobilityservices have been slow to return to their pre-pandemic pace of growth. Find out why #consumers pre… @Deloitte #Covid19 continues to stress #healthcare's infrastructure and resources. How can stakeholders prepare to thrive and… @Deloitte Deloitte’s 2022 CxO Sustainability Report offers insights for business leaders looking to make an impact in the fig… @Deloitte What lies behind #millennials turnover intentions? We have some thoughts. @Deloitte How can #Manufacturing companies address the workforce shortage, supply chain instability, and ESG demands to add v… @NiederdorfItali Stiamo cercando unə #web #integration #specialist per un gruppo industriale internazionale #termomeccanico. Dovrà s… @NiederdorfItali Eccoci TORNATI per affrontare al meglio le Nuove #Sfide del #2022! Visita il nostro sito e le ricerche in corso: … @Deloitte What’s shaping the #FutureofEnergy in the #OilandGas industry? Read Deloitte’s series of reports that were showcase… @Deloitte Education inequality is a worldwide issue. To help solve this challenge, @de_Serlo provides high quality educationa… @methasrl CORSO ANNUALE AGGIORNAMENTO RLS - 4 FEBBRAIO 2022 Per maggiori informazioni:… @methasrl Corso di formazione per Rappresentanti dei Lavoratori per la Sicurezza (RLS) - 32 ore 10-11-17-18 FEBBRAIO 2022… @Deloitte To attract and keep #millennials around, both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards are needed. Read more: @Deloitte See how the financial industry’s most forward-thinking players are rethinking their products, services, and busines… @Deloitte What 5 trends will be top of mind for chemical companies in the year ahead? Find out in Deloitte’s 2022 industry ou… @Deloitte Want to tap into new markets, profit opportunities, and make sustainable choices? Join us for our #futureoffood web… @Deloitte We are the #DeloitteWomenInCyber, who see problems differently and solve them uniquely. Join us.… @Deloitte How have consumer attitudes toward #electricvehicles changed as a result of the pandemic? Deloitte’s 2022 #Global… @Deloitte 👂 Have you heard? Deloitte scored the highest in 2 out of 3 use cases in the @Gartner_inc 2021 Critical Capabilitie… @bdo_italia Con la conversione in legge del decreto Fisco-Lavoro D.L. n. 146/2021, il legislatore pone l'attenzione sul lavoro… @Deloitte Would you rather buy your car online or in person? Deloitte’s latest #Global #Automotive Consumer study revealed th… @Deloitte Deloitte is a Leader in the 2021 @Gartner_inc. Magic Quadrant for Public #Cloud IT Transformation Services with the… @Protiviti Protiviti’s 2021 Global #FinanceTrendsSurvey provides compelling evidence of the importance of #CISO and #CFO colla… @Deloitte What steps can #aerospace and #defense companies take to address sustainability challenges? Learn more in Deloitte’… @Deloitte Deloitte’s new series covers themes discussed at the World Petroleum Congress, from #LowCarbon technologies to impr… @Deloitte #FinancialInstitutions are finding measuring portfolio #emissions a thorny challenge. This article offers a perspe… @Protiviti Being aware of the weaknesses in your company’s #SAP landscape is one thing, but you also need to know where to sta… @Deloitte Big news! 📢 Deloitte is recognized as a Leader in the @forrester New Wave: #Workday Implementation Partners, Q3 202… @Deloitte As #technology evolves, implementing #cloud solutions is about #innovation and #digital #transformation. Is your or… @Deloitte Need to implement a full-stack #Commerce solution to affect an end-to-end experience transformation? Deloitte was r… @Deloitte 10 times overall! @Gartner_inc. has ranked Deloitte #1 in Market Share: Security Consulting Services, Worldwide, 20…


10 Agosto 2021



Assoconsult dà il benvenuto a Bain & Company come nuova associata

Welcome on board!


Parte un nuovo progetto di Advocacy della Consulenza

Welcome on board!

Audizione di Assoconsult al Senato della Repubblica presso le Commissioni V e XIV congiunte Bilancio e Politiche Europee sulla Proposta di Piano nazionale di ripresa e resilienza PNRR

11 Marzo 2021

Articolo Milano Finanza: Consulenza, Ok la prova Covid

Il Presidente Morelli: siamo a disposizione di Draghi per dare il nostro contributo al PNRR


Intervista al nostro Presidente Morelli

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