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@TIG_italia Giancarlo Marengo, Country Manager Italy, Mandiant (now part of Google Cloud) partecipa come relatore al CYBERSECUR… @Deloitte Are you a board member who wants to take a more active role in building trust within your organization? Click here… @Deloitte About 67% of organizations have boards that formally address trust as a regular issue to nurture and develop - ensu… @Deloitte Looking to create competitive advantage with industry clouds? Deloitte is a Leader in the @IDC MarketScape:… @Deloitte Just launched: Our 2023 Global Health Care Outlook discovers that the adoption of new #technology and care delivery… @TIG_italia .@Fortinet è Partner del Sardegna Digital Summit, la decima tappa del Progetto "Digital Regional Summit" con cui… @Deloitte Our women in cloud are making a difference. From the first day of school to the corner office. From the farmer’s fi… @TIG_italia Gianni Fenu, Prorettore Vicario e Delegato ICT di Ateneo, @univca, è protagonista al Sardegna Digital Summit. Parte… @HuntersGroupIta Conosci @auLAB_it ?? Sei interessato ai corsi #Aulab e vuoi saperne di più? Scrivi a: P… @Protiviti CFOs should keep their M&A platforms primed for action and ready to fire on all cylinders. Protiviti's Jim DeLoach… @Protiviti As commerce and #technology become increasingly intertwined, executives must have a basic technological understandi… @Protiviti Read Protiviti's 2022 Q3/Q4 issue of #ThePulse, where we share a roundup of recently released #healthcare thought l… @bdo_italia Nel 2022 #EFRAG ha emesso gli Exposure Drafts degli #ESRS per realizzare gli obiettivi di informativa in materia di… @Deloitte How can #hydrogen deployment be accelerated? Explore some practical solutions from our new report and join our conv… @Deloitte Emerging technologies may be crucial in enhancing or diminishing trust, but they are only one of many elements on t… @Deloitte How is Deloitte helping prepare the leaders with their food business for the future? Find out in our global… @TIG_italia Fabrizio Giulio Luca Pilo, Prorettore delegato per il Territorio e l’Innovazione @univca, interviene al Sardegna Di… @Deloitte While #climatechange is already a universal risk to human health and well-being, #COVID19 added an urgency to make… @Deloitte Mining has the potential to create a healthy, regenerative ecosystem inclusive of people, planet, and industry.… @Protiviti The National Defense Agency returns to remote work with #ProtivitiTech and @Microsoft. Sixty thousand employees are… @Protiviti National Defense Agency returns to remote work with #ProtivitiTech and @Microsoft Sixty thousand employees are util… @TIG_italia Sergio Nuvoli, Presidente, Corecom Sardegna, partecipa al Sardegna Digital Summit. È relatore alla Sessione Conclus… @Protiviti Protiviti’s #TopRisksSurvey results reveal that #consumerproducts and #retail industry leaders are concerned about… @Deloitte From technology and compliance to talent models, #Deloitte’s Global #RemoteWork Survey hits all the highlights. Kee… @Deloitte Deloitte is a leading provider in the Big 15 category for the Global and Americas regions according to the 3Q 2022… @Protiviti Project portfolio management takes a centralized approach to managing and aligning projects with company goals. Pro… @bdo_italia BDO con @sole24ore. Il Piano #ESG aiuterà a gestire e migliorare i processi e le strategie per impattare positivame… @NiederdorfItali 🔦 il Job Focus di oggi @Deloitte Deloitte's 2023 CxO Sustainability Report explores the intersection of #climate change and the C-suite amid uncerta… @TIG_italia Stefano Lusardi, IT Security Manager, @LaFeltrinelli – Referente Lombardia, #CyberSecurityAngels partecipa come re… @bdo_italia ISCRIVITI per approfondire gli aggiornamenti e le principali tematiche applicative nei bilanci 2022 nonché gli aspe… @bdo_italia Nasce #BDOforYOU perché in BDO siamo attenti al benessere delle persone e alla qualità dell’ambiente lavorativo in… @bdo_italia Pubblicati 3 nuovi provvedimenti per espandere l’attuale framework europeo in tema di #cybersicurezza per rafforzar… @Deloitte It’s time to listen. Find out why Indigenous people should be at the heart of solving the nature crisis we are faci… @TIG_italia Francesco Mola, Rettore, @univca, interviene al Sardegna Digital Summit. È relatore alla Sessione di Apertura dal t… @Protiviti The results of Protiviti’s #TopRisksSurvey highlight that people problems upstage data privacy and economic challen… @bdo_italia BDO partner dell'evento a cura dell'Istituto Italiano Imballaggio con la collaborazione di BDO Spagna e UK per fare… @TIG_italia Simonetta Sabatino, Head of Cyber Security & Workplace Management (CISO), Saras Group, partecipa come relatrice al… @Protiviti Every month, Protiviti curates trending #industryinsights to help you navigate today’s challenges within the consum… @Deloitte #Lowcarbon #hydrogen will play a key role in the future #energy system. Our new report shares the practical solutio… @Deloitte Should digital trust be the sole responsibility of the IT department? Learn more about the C-suite’s role in mainta… @Protiviti CFOs are overhauling their technology budgets as inflation, slumping economic growth and other external forces jeop… @Deloitte Tracking the Trends 2023 is live! Explore the potential of the mining and metals industry to promote a healthy, reg… @HuntersGroupIta Manca meno di un giorno alla nostra #Live "Consulenza: Scenari e Opportunità". Non ti sei ancora iscritto/a alla… @Protiviti In an unstable #risk environment, directors must help their companies manage for the long term and maintain organiz… @TIG_italia .@stefanomameli, Direttore Generale, Città Metropolitana di Cagliari, è relatore al Sardegna Digital Summit. Partec… @Deloitte The 2023 #CxOReport shows that CxOs agree that their organizations and the global economy can continue to grow whil… @Deloitte After a burnout from the pandemic and changing worker demands, health organizations increasingly rely on innovation… @Deloitte Accelerating Transformation in Health Care. Leaders from #Deloitte, #SentaraHealthcare, and #Workday discuss how co… @Deloitte #Insurance companies must innovate and transform to adapt. In this podcast, #Deloitte and #Workday talk about the t… @TIG_italia .@ezioviola, Co-Founder, @TIG_italia, è moderatore alla Sessione parallela 2 del Sardegna Digital Summit intitolata… @TIG_italia .@emiliomango, Amministratore Delegato, @TIG_italia, modera la Sessione parallela 3 del "Sardegna Digital Summit" i… @TIG_italia Stefano Visconti, Presidente, Unione delle Camere di Commercio della Sardegna, interviene al Sardegna Digital Summi… @Deloitte Infrastructure with a positive economic and social impact? Join our own Michael Flynn from last week’s #WEF23 in Da… @Deloitte Still want more from #WEF23? Last week in Davos, Greg Reh sat down in the Deloitte Haus studio to discuss health eq… @Deloitte Missed Davos? Junk Kouture Founder and CEO Troy Armour shares insights on supporting today's youth in a panel discu… @TIG_italia .@NunziaCiardi, Vicedirettore Generale, Agenzia per la Cybersicurezza Nazionale (ACN) partecipa come relatrice al C… @Protiviti End-to-end encrypted messaging options are widely available today. How do these solutions fit into corporate IT and… @TIG_italia Augusto Raggi, Head of @EnelXItalia, interviene al Sardegna Digital Summit. È relatore alla Sessione parallela 2 in… @HuntersGroupIta Il settore dell’#Information and #Communication Technology offre molte #opportunità di lavoro. 👉Ascolta l'intervis… @bdo_italia ▪ CONTRIBUTO AMBIENTALE CONAI: NOVITÀ 2023 ▪ CREDITO D’IMPOSTA PER L’ACQUISTO DI MATERIALI RICICLATI ▪ PLASTIC TAX… @Deloitte Deloitte's food experts and industry leaders came together at the @wef's annual meeting in Davos to carve the evolu… @Deloitte With increased #healthcare demands and labor shortages, adoption of new technologies such as #telemedicine and… @Deloitte COVID-19 not only affected the most vulnerable communities, but it also added to the #healthequity divide across th… @Deloitte Just launched: Our 2023 Global Health Care Outlook discovers that the adoption of new #technology and care delivery… @Deloitte "The critical infrastructure businesses: Banking. Telco. Energy. Hospitals. Healthcare. All these depend on encrypt… @TIG_italia Simonetta Sabatino, Head of Cyber Security & Workplace Management, Saras Group, è relatrice al Sardegna Digital Sum… @Deloitte Climate change weighs heavily on the minds of C-suite leaders around the world. Download the #CxOReport now.… @bdo_italia BDO ha assistito Vargus Ltd nell’acquisito del 100% di NOVATEA S.p.A., grazie al lavoro di un team multidisciplinar… @HuntersGroupIta Sei già #socio ANIPLA? Non sei socio #ANIPLA e vuoi saperne di più? Scrivi a: Per sapern… @Deloitte ITR has acknowledged 621 Deloitte leaders in the 2023 World Tax and World Transfer Pricing guides. We are proud of… @Deloitte How is Deloitte making a meaningful difference to #health? The Deloitte Health Equity Institutes in India, Africa &… @Deloitte Eager for more Davos-related discussion? Join BHP’s Paul Perry and discover takeaways from the recent #WEF23 livest… @Deloitte What region of the world sees 50% of the engineering degrees granted to women? Find out the latest STEM insights fr… @TIG_italia L'8 e 9 marzo, saremo in presenza a #Milano con il Cybersecurity Summit per parlare del valore della #Cybersecurity… @TIG_italia Executive Conference "Lo Smart Manufacturing" #Digitale e #GreenEconomy riscrivono il futuro dell’#Industria itali… @Protiviti Employers want to prepare their employees for a new world of AI and cloud, and the way to get there is upskilling.… @Deloitte An organization may not fully reap benefits of #technology advancements if they have not prioritized digital #trust… @TIG_italia .@GiorgioGiacinto, Docente di Ingegneria Informatica, @univca, è relatore al Sardegna Digital Summit. Interviene al… @Deloitte Trusting employees are 260% more motivated to work and are 50% less likely to look for another job. Yet only 1 in 4… @bdo_italia Si tratta di una definizione agevolata per i debiti contenuti nei carichi affidati all’Agente della riscossione dal… @TIG_italia .@marcobellezza, AD, @Infratel_Italia, partecipa al Sardegna Digital Summit. Interviene alla Sessione Conclusiva in… @Deloitte “The first step is that we all need to agree that health is a human right,” says Médecins Sans Frontières and WEF Y… @HuntersGroupIta Qual è il punto di vista dell'Head Hunter sulla figura del #Controller? Non perdere la #Live di Venerdì 27 Gennaio… @Deloitte Our planet is in crisis. Solutions? Explore our latest report: Embedding Indigenous Knowledge in the Conservation a… @Deloitte Interested in more from Davos? Hear insights from RMI’s Jon Creyts on how retooling systems involves a technology e… @Deloitte “I do hope that in five years from now … most companies on the planet will have taken data-driven net-zero commitme… @Protiviti Regulators have taken action for failed automated processes, but Protiviti's Shelley Metz-Galloway says the #CFPB’s… @TIG_italia Simone Cugia, Direttore Servizio Sicurezza IT, Regione Sardegna, interviene al Sardegna Digital Summit. Apre la Ses… @Deloitte Deloitte's David Barnes discusses the many benefits that integrated thinking about sustainability provides to an en… @Deloitte End goals are important, but intermediate milestones are vital in reaching those over-arching goals. Hear more from… @TIG_italia .@carloalberto, Docente di Strategia d’Impresa ed Economia Aziendale @sdabocconi, interviene al Sardegna Digital Su… @Deloitte How can leaders take meaningful actions to help accelerate the green transition? Find out in the 2023 #CxOReport.… @Deloitte Solutions to the nature crisis? Voices anchored in a deep culture of science and wisdom—the world’s Indigenous peop… @Deloitte "Education. Skills. Opportunity. Through our WorldClass initiative, we are helping to create transformative change…
Assoconsult si impegna a diffondere in Italia la conoscenza delle migliori tecniche di management per accrescere efficienza e competitività delle aziende e della Pubblica Amministrazione. Ciò significa anche rafforzare e sviluppare internamente maggiore consapevolezza della professione e potenziarne costantemente la qualificazione. Per questo l’Associazione è attiva nel promuovere la qualità dell’immagine, la difesa del ruolo, lo sviluppo e la formazione dei consulenti.

La missione di Assoconsult è dare valore alla Consulenza, supportando in modo visibile ed efficace le organizzazioni di tutti i comparti pubblici e privati per accrescere la capacità competitiva globale del sistema Italia.