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@Deloitte Don't miss our first #ClimateExchange LinkedIn Live, 'Futures We Want: our hopes for 2050' on 1 November. We will e… @Deloitte “Put your own oxygen mask on first, before helping others. That safety warning has taken on a whole new meaning for… @Protiviti Join Protiviti’s Jonathan Trillos at #Microsoft Ignite 2021 where he will discuss “Enabling multi-cloud compliance,… @Deloitte Deloitte collaborated with business & policy leaders to identify the #ESG metrics that provide a common framework f… @Deloitte Defined by a collective purpose of making an impact that matters, Global #CMO for @Deloitte, Matt McGrath shares ho… @Protiviti Privacy regulations are becoming increasingly prevalent in the tech industry. Read Protiviti’s whitepaper on four k… @Deloitte We go beyond expectations to deliver the highest quality audit. Find out how we go further. #ImpactThatMatters… @Deloitte With less than a week to go until #COP26, we want to hear about the #climate topics inspiring debate and discussion… @Protiviti Protiviti's Chris Monk and Seadrill's Greg McGavin will present on “How Supply Chain is Becoming The Most Critical… @Deloitte Explore our interactive #military #interoperability index to see how #defense organizations can improve their inter… @Protiviti The use of #technology platforms to support #remote and #hybrid work has accelerated. But as businesses put their l… @Deloitte Explore Deloitte Insights Magazine, featuring insights on #ESG, smart cities, and more. #DIMag @Protiviti #SIEM monitoring can fail to ensure the #security of the SAP system because the specific #SAP logs can’t be interpr… @Deloitte By putting workers at the center, you can create a #DigitalWorkplace that transforms collaboration, innovation, & p… @Deloitte Join Deloitte's James Gregson, at the #FTPharma & Biotechnology Conference where he along with industry peers will… @Protiviti Protiviti is happy to announce that Frank Forrest has joined as a Senior Managing Director for the Risk & Complianc… @Protiviti Tomorrow, join Protiviti's Bob Hirth and Vera Chefranova, as they discuss how to operationalize #ESGperformance in… @Deloitte Deloitte is proud to announce we are the North America regional winner of @SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone Innovation… @Protiviti Along with our partner, @salesforce Protiviti is proud to be a sponsor of the #TasteofHope Event presented by the… @Deloitte The newly launched Vodafone Center for Health with Deloitte is poised to accelerate adoption of… @DXCitaly DXC Italia partner dell’Osservatorio #smartworking “Rivoluzione Smart Working: un futuro da costruire adesso” Il 3… @DXCitaly #forumpasanita2021, DXC Italia LIVE con Nicola Mangia, Direttore Settore Pubblico, l'importanza della… @DXCitaly #forumpasanita2021, scenario “One Health, digital: da una logica “egocentrica” a quella “ecocentrica” sfruttando la… @Protiviti As #CFOs prepare new disclosures related to #ESG issues, their experiences complying with the U.S. #SEC new… @Protiviti The pandemic forced companies to accelerate #digitaltransformation efforts. What must executive management and the… @Protiviti Critical infrastructure systems deliver many of the resources we rely on daily. Despite their importance, they rema… @Protiviti #SAPInsider’s November Executive Research Report survey, The #CIO #Transformation Report Card sponsored by Protivit… @Protiviti As organizations learn of #zerotrust, the next challenge is to identify business cases for zero trust. During this… @Protiviti Join the latest webinar in our Value of Compliance Webinar Series on "5 Critical Areas to Consider for Compliance R… @sintexselezione SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER 65&ID=120035&SG=9&SEC=957&FT=51 @Protiviti Tomorrow, join our #webinar where we will preview how emerging #technology can help strengthen #ESG practices and… @Deloitte Meet Shackerah. Her job is to help our clients turn their cyber vulnerabilities into strengths.… @Protiviti Tomorrow, join this session with Protiviti's Bryan Comite and Joan Smith, to learn how a human-centered blend of… @Deloitte Just released: #DIMag discusses cross-functional #collaboration in trying times and #leadership lessons from Leonar… @Protiviti See your future at VISION by Protiviti, where we frame the big ideas that will shape the next 10 years. Follow for… @Deloitte Gaining visibility across increasingly complex hybrid ecosystems is the biggest security challenge facing CIOs and… @GestaSrl Diritto all’oblio, ecco come rispettarlo secondo gli interventi del Garante privacy 🔒 di Ren… @Protiviti Listen to Protiviti’s podcast, The Post-Quantum World, as we discuss hot topics and the business impacts, benefits,… @Deloitte The pandemic has made it clear: every company needs a robust, omnichannel #Commerce strategy. See why Deloitte is r… @DXCitaly Lorenzo Greco, Country General Manager DXC Italia intervistato da Gianni Dominici di FPA - FORUM PA parla di… @Deloitte What models can pharma companies put in place to make their industry more patient-centric? Join the discussion and… @bdo_italia BDO Tax ha partecipato alla consultazione pubblica sul #transferpricing inviando i commenti alla bozza di Circolare… @Deloitte We are proud to be a Founding Partner of @GBCmentalhealth to advocate for, and accelerate, positive change toward… @Deloitte “Genuine allyship is about continually educating ourselves on the blind spots that can influence our decisions and… @Protiviti How can CISOs find and leverage creative, innovative ways to proactively protect, prepare and support their organiz… @Deloitte 4 years in a row, 🔟 times total! 🎊 Deloitte is again ranked #1 in Market Share: Consulting Services, Worldwide, 202… @Protiviti The Business CISO is adept at blending traditional and emerging technologies to best serve the company’s changing p… @Protiviti Zero trust is about policy and context being evaluated to provide a current #risk score to evaluate access. We view… @Deloitte What’s the cost of action and inaction when it comes to #ClimateChange? Find out why Europe must accelerate to reap… @Protiviti Are you prepared for #cyber disruption or equipped to deal with a #ransomware attack? Does your organization have a… @Protiviti The big ideas of the future are being shaped now, so don’t miss out on Vision by Protiviti. Secure your future now:… @Protiviti In this interview with @helpnetsecurity, Protiviti's David Taylor explains why #ransomwareattacks are so effective,… @Deloitte Check out our podcast, where we discuss how #ESG has changed from being seen as an add-on to being the data-driven… @Protiviti Today's remote workforce has relied on sustained access to data, but it has come with risk to organizations. Join P… @Deloitte Discover the assets and capabilities cities are using to transform both digital service delivery and city operation… @Protiviti Meeting compliance obligations is complex. Join us November 11th to see how #Microsoft Compliance Manager helps man… @Deloitte Become a #DigitalWorkplace leader. Explore our report featuring @Gartner_inc research on how elevating the… @bdo_italia Siamo l’intermediario di riferimento per oltre 5.000 clienti nel processo di creazione XML, invio, ricezione e cons… @Protiviti Cellular #IoT device deployments cause challenges. In this #webinar, attendees will identify inefficiencies in depl… @Deloitte At Deloitte, we strive to continuously innovate. Check out our winning presentation for the @SAP Work Zone Innovati… @DXCitaly Follow this checklist to secure systems and data against ransom-based malware:… @Deloitte Deloitte's Vicky Levy will moderate a panel of industry experts discussing the future of the #patient at the… @Deloitte 67% of watch executives believe that in-store sales will continue to dominate. Find out how consumer behaviours are… @Deloitte Our leading-edge technology is redefining expectations in audit and assurance. Find out how we go beyond the expect… @Deloitte Global datacenters ☑ Cloud Architecture across regions ☑ Excellent representation with outside counsel ☑ See how el… @Protiviti #Patientsafety is a priority for #healthcare organizations, and they should ensure #patient safety by establishing… @Protiviti As businesses compete for #quantum compute time, things can get complicated. @Strangeworks provides shorter queue t… @Protiviti Join Protiviti for our cybersecurity webinar series, where experts will discuss risk, security and strategy to ensu… @Protiviti Join us to discuss how IFMs can assess and mitigate risk as they embrace the future for sales practices. Industry e… @Deloitte Looking for ways to empower your employees to be productive anywhere? Explore how Deloitte's #DigitalWorkplace beca… @Protiviti Read this #SAP Blog to learn five considerations that have improved #ROI for our clients, highlight new ways of wor… @Deloitte #ESG is moving to the top of the agenda in the #realestate industry. But how is the industry currently managing it?… @Protiviti Read Protiviti’s whitepaper on four key steps tech companies can take to strengthen data privacy programs and polic… @Deloitte Deloitte is ranked #1⃣ worldwide in Consulting Services based on revenue by @Gartner_inc.! 4 years in a row, 10 ti… @DXCitaly FORUM PA sanità DXC Italia parteciperà nello scenario “One Health, digital: da una logica “egocentrica” a quella “e… @Protiviti Today's remote workforce has relied on sustained access to data, but it has come with increased risk to organizatio… @Deloitte There’s more to the #DigitalWorkplace than providing workers with online access to office applications. Check out o… @Protiviti The need to incorporate ESG into third-party risk analysis is driven by two factors: consumer demand and regulatory… @Protiviti #Privateequity is experiencing high deal activity, so a #governance model that maximizes the risk-and-return balanc… @Protiviti Tonight, Protiviti is the lead sponsor for The Most Powerful #WomenInBanking™ program. These women are driving the… @Deloitte Our people amazed us every day with their ability to find #innovative ways of serving our clients and meeting them… @Protiviti With #Microsoft365 records #retention capabilities, users can apply rules-based #retentionpolicies, driving the rec… @Deloitte Access our world-class network of Audit & Assurance professionals with a unified passion to go beyond the expected… @Protiviti As #cybersecurity attacks increase and #digitaltransformation continues, the concept of #zerotrust has shifted to t… @Deloitte The large scope of today's #defense challenges can't be tackled by any one military alone. There's a need for… @Protiviti Are you keeping pace with regulatory changes Join us in a discussion of five critical areas to consider when evalua… @Deloitte ESG is a data-driven way to understand the long-term value of a company. Tune in to our podcast for more informatio… @Protiviti Some risks are rising as risk-taking grows and parties seek higher returns. Read our newest edition of #Credit Puls… @Deloitte Our 2022 #GlobalMarketingTrends report is out, revealing insider knowledge mined from more than a thousand CMOs. Le… @Protiviti Join Protiviti's Bob Hirth, Christine Livingston, Carol Raimo and Chris Wright as they discuss how #technology, suc… @Deloitte How is the real estate industry currently managing #sustainability? How could it create sustainable value? Find it… @bdo_italia Al via il Master promosso da @FormazioneIPSOA in collaborazione con BDO.Con i nostri esperti Carlo Luison, Valeria… @Protiviti Tomorrow, join Protiviti's Jason Swiergol at the Women Who Count Conference to learn techniques to utilize biases a… @Deloitte Learn about #cyber risks in manufacturing & the convergence of IT & OT from Deloitte’s Ramsey Hajj in this Q&A on t… @Deloitte Hear Greg Reh's views on the future of #vaccines at the #FTPharma & Biotechnology Conference 2021 on 9 November. Re… @bdo_italia Siamo lieti di essere presenti in qualità di main sponsor all'Assemblea Anima | La meccanica italiana verso sfide s… @bdo_italia Le organizzazioni devono affrontare con proattività le sfide globali, non solo nella gestione del rischio pandemico… @Deloitte “I’ve noticed that being open about my experience has helped encourage others to open up about their own struggles… @DXCitaly L'e-skimming è stato uno degli attacchi maggiormente utilizzati negli acquisti online, attualmente ci sono altri pe… @Protiviti The intersection of #5G and #edgecomputing technologies will reinvent industries, change the way #security is imple…
Assoconsult si impegna a diffondere in Italia la conoscenza delle migliori tecniche di management per accrescere efficienza e competitività delle aziende e della Pubblica Amministrazione. Ciò significa anche rafforzare e sviluppare internamente maggiore consapevolezza della professione e potenziarne costantemente la qualificazione. Per questo l’Associazione è attiva nel promuovere la qualità dell’immagine, la difesa del ruolo, lo sviluppo e la formazione dei consulenti.

La missione di Assoconsult è dare valore alla Consulenza, supportando in modo visibile ed efficace le organizzazioni di tutti i comparti pubblici e privati per accrescere la capacità competitiva globale del sistema Italia.