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@Accentureitalia La responsabilità paga. L'#innovazione unita alla #fiducia genera performance finanziarie migliori. Scopri perché n… @Deloitte Drivers of Change: Megatrends That Are Reshaping Our World - @DeloitteUS CEO @jucuzoglu joins the @femalequotient i… @Deloitte LIVE from #WEF20: Combatting Global Financial Crime w/ @timothydadams of @IIF , @Citi 's @JayCollinsSays and D… @Accentureitalia Mattia Cinacchi, Responsabile del #CyberFusionCenter di #Accenture a Napoli, racconta le caratteristiche del nuovo… @Deloitte LIVE from the @FemaleQuotient’s #EqualityLounge at #WEF20, our own @DrTerriCooper joins @DianneDain and Sissel Han… @Deloitte LIVE from the @femalequotient #EqualityLounge at #wef20: our very own @DrTerriCooper joins the panel to discuss: Wo… @Deloitte Now live from the @femalequotient's #EqualityLounge at #WEF20, @Deloitte's @DonnaMGlass discusses how to foster mor… @Deloitte LIVE from the @femalequotient #EqualityLounge: Recruit, Retain, Reflect: How to Foster Women in Tech featuring Delo… @Accentureitalia Uno dei trending topic a #Davos? Certamente la #Sostenibilità 🌱 Ne abbiamo parlato con i nostri esperti nella nos… @Deloitte ⌚ Join us LIVE in TWO HOURS from #WEF20! In this panel moderated by Anna Celner, our Deloitte Global Banking and Ca… @Deloitte “Bring generations together to innovate for the future and stop repeating mistakes of the past.” @charlottejapp of… @Deloitte In this year’s readiness survey, we aimed to uncover how leaders are moving forward in 4IR, where they are making t… @Accentureitalia Avvicinare i talenti femminili ai percorsi #STEM per ampliare il set di competenze e le opportunità professionali è… @Deloitte “The timeframe for not taking action is over.” Lauren Hallman shares their RFP for the future. What would be the bi… @Deloitte LIVE from #WEF20: A panel on #AI and emerging technologies in financial services with Deloitte's Bob Contri ,… @Deloitte Tune in to watch Deloitte's @kelly_herod join @femalequotient's #wef20 panel: A New Decade, A New Opportunity for A… @Deloitte Looking forward to having Deloitte's @scottlcorwin join @femalequotient in their #EqualityLounge at #WEF20. LIVE… @Deloitte “We should stop talking about it and just start seeing what works and what doesn’t.” @boyanslat references the beg… @Deloitte LIVE from #WEF20: "The Price tag of Plastic". Deloitte & @TheOceanCleanup host an important discussion on the impac… @Deloitte ⌚️This morning LIVE from #WEF20: Watch our discussion exploring solutions to plastic pollution with… @Deloitte Honored to have Deloitte named the world's most valuable commercial services #brand by @BrandFinance for the 2nd co… @Deloitte Tune into DAY THREE at #wef20: 7:00AM (CET): The Price Tag of Plastic with @TheOceanCleanup 10:00AM (CET): AI and… @Deloitte How can #AI unlock new opportunities for #financial services firms? Watch LIVE from #WEF20 @Deloitte ’s Bob Contri,… @Deloitte How are global CXOs evolving their strategies to benefit both business and society in the #4IR? More in @WSJCMO.… @Deloitte Are leaders prepared to fight global financial crime in the 4IR? Join LIVE from #WEF20 as Bob Contri, Deloitte’s Gl… @sintexselezione @sintexselezione @Accentureitalia Quali sono le caratteristiche richieste ai manager di oggi per accelerare la crescita e migliorare l’impatto social… @sintexselezione @Deloitte LIVE from #WEF20: @AlanSMurray, Penny Nass of @UPS, Swami Sivasubramanian of @awscloud, @RossPerotJr, and… @Deloitte “You can learn from me. I can learn from you. We need to listen to each other.” Mortaza Behboudi shares his RFP for… @Accentureitalia "Pivot verso il Futuro" è una guida pratica per navigare la disruption e applicare il metodo del #WisePivot. Se vuo… @Deloitte Every year ~2.7 million metric tons of plastic ends up our waterways, causing major ecological damage. Join us LIVE… @Deloitte WATCH LIVE: @Deloitte Global CIO, Larry Quinlan in discussion with @Zoom's Global CIO @harrymoseleyd and other indu… @Deloitte .@CNBCTV18News is streaming our “Embracing Industry 4.0: An India Narrative” event from #WEF20 Watch this convers… @Deloitte LIVE from #WEF20: Embracing Industry 4.0: An India Narrative. Deloitte and @FollowCII discuss the future of #India'… @Deloitte Business leaders are focused on delivering profits and driving revenue in the Industry 4.0 era, but more now see a… @Deloitte “Emotional intelligence will be one of the most important skills for future leaders.” @Shuaaal shares her RFP for t… @Accentureitalia Quali sono le 5 regole del CEO perfetto nell'era della #ResponsibleLeadership? Lo spiega il nuovo studio di… @Deloitte “As we grow up we are collecting data on what we can become through all our experiences...which is why we shouldn’t… @Deloitte “There are many high performing students who still have low career expectations. That is because they don’t know ho… @Deloitte LIVE from #WEF20: Career asiprations and the future of work. Moderated by @ParmeleeMichele, featuring… @Deloitte ⌚️ In 30 minutes! Catch our next livestream event: What does the #4IR mean for children's career aspirations?… @Deloitte Today in the @femalequotient #WEF20 #EqualityLounge, Deloitte's Global Chair @SharonThorneUK joins a panel: The Pip… @Deloitte Full house for our @WSJ #WEF20 breakfast panel featuring @PunitRenjen, @DowJones CEO William Lewis, Rebecca Marmot… @Deloitte “The only way we address climate is if organizations like us step up.” @punitrenjen at @WSJ Breakfast Panel at… @Deloitte LIVE from #WEF20: Industry 4.0: At the intersection of readiness and responsibility. at the @WSJ breakfast panel w/… @Deloitte @WSJ Update: We'll be starting out livestream shortly, at 7:15am CET. Tune in here on #Periscope @Deloitte ⌚️In ONE HOUR: Join Deloitte along with @WSJ for a breakfast event and discussion on Industry #4IR and the findings… @Deloitte Good morning to day two of #WEF20! Here’s one of our favorite Davos 🤩sightings so far...Deloitte Global CEO… @Deloitte Tune into DAY TWO at #wef20: 9:30 AM (CET): Career aspirations and the future of work 12:00 PM (CET): Embracing In… @Deloitte How can business take a leading role in accelerating innovation in the #mobility ecosystem? Join us LIVE from… @Deloitte What is the economic impact of plastic pollution? Deloitte's leaders join @TheOceanCleanup's @BoyanSlat to discuss… @Deloitte “The profit that companies are making at the cost of planet & people will be the biggest loss for generations to co… @Deloitte UpLink connects new generations of changemakers to the decision makers who can implement the change needed for the… @Deloitte Happening now at #WEF20! Tune in live to watch @PunitRenjen introduce the recently launched Uplink platform! @Deloitte 👉 How does UpLink work? Contributions are shared with engaged online communities. A vetting system powered by AI… @Deloitte “Some of the greatest movements in history have started because of small everyday actions.” @CLMonde references the… @Deloitte @SharonThorneUK @HonJulieBishop @shepleygreen @CLMonde @CommonGoalOrg The 2020 Deloitte Readiness Report can be vie… @Deloitte Deloitte Global Chair @SharonThorneUK welcome the crowd at the #WEF20 #IceVillage: “The alarm bells are sounding an… @Deloitte LIVE from #WEF20: Urgent & collective action to accelerate SDG progress @SharonThorneUK, @HonJulieBishop,… @Accentureitalia È grazie alle nostre persone, ai nostri clienti e ai nostri partner, è grazie a te che - per il 18° anno consecutiv… @Deloitte In ONE HOUR, Join Deloitte's @SharonThorneUK along with @HonJulieBishop, @shepleygreen, @CLMonde and… @Deloitte UpLink connects new generations of changemakers to the decision-makers who can implement the change needed for the… @sintexselezione @Accentureitalia Il ruolo del CEO nell'era della #ResponsibleLeadership. Leggi l'articolo di @fortuneitalia sulla ricerca presentata… @Deloitte @DeloitteUS's @AbrashLara joins @femalequotient in their #EqualityLounge at #WEF20. Watch her speak on their panel:… @Deloitte Want your voice heard at Davos? This year Deloitte and @OneYoungWorld are curating your "RFP for the Future" share… @Deloitte Excited to have so many Deloitte leaders joining the @femalequotient events this week at #WEF20! #EqualityLounge… @Deloitte Day one of Davos! Deloitte delegates are gathered in Switzerland with business & political leaders from around the… @Deloitte “Profit has a new currency. It no longer means money. Profit is well-being for people.” Monica Moisin shares her RF… @Accentureitalia Scopri come ottenere il massimo valore investendo in tecnologia. Leggi la nuova guida per i CEO che presentiamo al… @Deloitte Looking forward to having Deloitte Global CIO @larryquinlan join this discussion! #WEF20 @Deloitte @DeloitteUK's Richard Houston joins the @femalequotient #EqualityLounge at #WEF20 to share his perspectives on… @Deloitte ⌚️In 30 minutes! Catch our next livestream event: @Deloitte_JP's Hitoshi Matsumoto, @ZeroWasteAcad's @akirakakapo,… @Deloitte “AI is a very powerful tool to better society. But Innovation and creativity comes from human beings.” Max (Masato… @Deloitte @tanvi_gautam @JCtechfuture @EDBsg @Hiroshima_Univ @JD_Corporate Deloitte Asia Pacific CEO @cindy_hook @Deloitte LIVE from #WEF20: How is Industry 4.0 redefining Asia Pacific? Leaders from @Deloitte, @EDBsg, @Hiroshima_Univ, and… @Deloitte In 30 minutes, join @Deloitte for our first livestream of #WEF20: "How is Industry 4.0 redefining Asia Pacific?" Tu… @Deloitte ⏰ In ONE HOUR Deloitte kicks off with our first livestream event of #WEF20. Join our live discussion on the… @Deloitte Tune in on #WEF20 DAY ONE: 8:00AM (CET): How is Industry 4.0 redefining Asia Pacific? 10:00AM (CET): Insights to… @Deloitte 2030 is only a decade away, and we still have a long way to go to address the @UN #SDGs. Watch @HonJulieBishop,… @Deloitte LIVE from #WEF20: Join @AlanSMurray, Penny Nass, Swami Sivasubramanian of @awscloud, @RossPerotJr, and… @Deloitte LIVE from #WEF20: Leaders discuss findings from the #ReadinessReport & the impact of the #4IR on the future of… @Deloitte We're excited to have many of our Deloitte leaders joining @femalequotient's lineup of panels in their Equality Lou… @Accentureitalia Nessun settore è immune dalla disruption. "Pivot verso il Futuro" contiene oltre 30 casi e strategie replicabili pe… @Deloitte What does the #4IR mean for children's career aspirations? @ParmeleeMichele, @SchleicherOECD, @Edu_Employers' Nick… @Deloitte Do you remember your favorite mentor? Some have a lasting impact on us. Learn more about how we're giving back to l… @Deloitte “If we want to help the planet we have to begin by educating people.” Juan Carlos Viloria Doria shares his RFP for… @Deloitte LIVE from #WEF20: Join @Deloitte_JP's Hitoshi Matsumoto, @ZeroWasteAcad's @akirakakapo, and Marubeni's Fumiya Kokub… @Deloitte Our founder, William W. Deloitte, worked to positively impact his community. Today, that legacy lives on through ou… @Deloitte Not attending Davos 2020? You can still attend a series of real-time conversations that explore this year’s Davos t… @Accentureitalia Quando il tuo stakeholder è il pianeta, non puoi ignorare l’impatto del tuo business. Il nostro nuovo report realiz… @Deloitte #AI and #automation continue to transform the financial services industry. Bob Contri and @Mastercard's @AnnMCairns… @Deloitte Just launched: Our third annual Readiness Report, examining four key areas – strategy, talent, technology, and soci… @Consiliacfo Comprendere i DMS con Napo | Safety and health at work - EU-OSHA @Deloitte This week at #wef20 @PunitRenjen, @Benioff, & others are launching UpLink, a digital crowd-engagement platform to a… @Deloitte Are #India's leaders ready to lead in the #4IR? Deloitte and @FollowCII are pleased to present "Embracing Industry… @Deloitte Capitalism redefined? Deloitte's #ReadinessReport finds executives embracing a larger responsibility beyond profit.… @Deloitte @JD_Corporate Excited to have you on the panel @JD_Corporate !
Assoconsult si impegna a diffondere in Italia la conoscenza delle migliori tecniche di management per accrescere efficienza e competitività delle aziende e della Pubblica Amministrazione. Ciò significa anche rafforzare e sviluppare internamente maggiore consapevolezza della professione e potenziarne costantemente la qualificazione. Per questo l’Associazione è attiva nel promuovere la qualità dell’immagine, la difesa del ruolo, lo sviluppo e la formazione dei consulenti.

La missione di Assoconsult è dare valore alla Consulenza, supportando in modo visibile ed efficace le organizzazioni di tutti i comparti pubblici e privati per accrescere la capacità competitiva globale del sistema Italia.