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@Deloitte As the global business environment becomes increasingly complex, in-house #legal functions are transforming the way… @Deloitte “Governments must explore creative #PublicPrivatePartnerships to increase success for project funding & financing.”… @Deloitte Leadership today is dominated by men. For change to happen, we need to connect today’s leaders to the next generati… @Deloitte "Governments need a clear #SmartCities vision and an integrated platform that reduces silos and delivers a seamless… @Deloitte The price tag of plastic pollution: up to $19 billion per year. Read more: @Deloitte In the latest feature of @ESDU_News, Deloitte's Rob Wainwright and Beth McGrath talk about the evolving role of the… @Deloitte .@DeloitteUK_1M is using #DigitalSkills development to impact the futures of young people who otherwise wouldn't ha… @Deloitte We're here in #Barcelona for #SCEWC19! Drop in at Deloitte's booth to experience our interactive #SmartCities wall,… @Deloitte Deloitte’s Digital Transport Leader, @Nadun_Deloitte unveils @motione_io at #SCEWC19 —a revolutionary new system th… @Deloitte Global Deloitte Legal leader, Luis Fernando Guerra discusses the future of #legal @Forbes @Deloitte How can #utilities keep pace with the demands of growing urban populations? Read Deloitte’s Felipe’s views:… @Deloitte Think a big tech company is your best career choice? What Tax at Deloitte is doing with technology solutions is rev… @Deloitte Go anywhere, roll with the changes and meet your customers where they are. Learn more about agility in our 2020 Glo… @Deloitte Check out Deloitte's first edition of Global M&A Construction Monitor 2018-2019 that analyzes the latest trends in… @Deloitte "Future Cities should adopt & implement integrated policies & plans for #ClimateChange mitigation & use technology… @Deloitte At the @ftlive Global Food Systems summit in London, @DeloitteNL‘s @rjagt1 noted there is growing momentum to addre… @Deloitte At today’s @WomenLeadersGF LeaderTalk, we asked the question: What are the barriers and solutions to supporting wom… @Deloitte “I tell women early on in their careers to get hands on experience in those hard tech skills because no one can tak… @Deloitte Media plays a huge role in impacting young girls & exposing them to ideas they otherwise may not have access to.… @Deloitte 👩🏽‍💼Real @NishitaHenry vs. 🦸🏽‍♀️Comic Nishita! Today, in honor of the launch of her @EllaTheEngineer comic,… @Deloitte Up next at #Reykjavik19: A Deloitte LeadersTalk on developing the future 🦸‍♀️superheroes 🦸‍♀️ in STEM, from our ver… @sintexselezione “Formazione o sfruttamento”? L’insuccesso dell’apprendistato e le sue radici culturali di @adaptland @Deloitte 🗓️ Today at #Reykjavik19: @AnthonyOnesto, creator of @EllatheEngineer will join @NishitaHenry and explore the barri… @Deloitte #POLL Join the conversation at #Reykjavik19: What do you view as the biggest challenge to achieving gender parity i… @Deloitte We’re gearing up for day two of @WomenLeadersGF! On today’s agenda: More coversations on how to jumpstart a new era… @Deloitte Empower your customers to share their opinion, and you'll be empowered to grow. Learn more about customer participa… @Deloitte Change is surging through the energy sector. Find out how Energy-as-a-Service will shape #smartcities and redefine… @Deloitte “We need a new vision for mobility to tackle disruption and create more inclusive and #sustainable #smartcities so… @Deloitte In what way can diversity help #OilandGas companies minimize risks? Tune into our latest #FuelingtheFuture podcast… @Deloitte Deloitte's @rjagt1 takes the stage at the #FTGlobalFood Systems summit and shares his thoughts on how companies can… @Deloitte Deloitte Global Special Advisor on Inclusion @emmajcodd sitting down with the @femalequotient at @WomenLeadersGF af… @Deloitte We loved sharing the @WomenLeadersGF stage with @sersaun1 of @runningstart, Victoria Budson of @Kennedy_School &… @Deloitte Deloitte’s #FutureofFood initiative aims at developing a roadmap for success in the changing food ecosystem while a… @Deloitte “Purpose” shouldn’t exist for the sake of brand and marketing. @parmeleemichele encourages audience @WomenLeadersGF… @Deloitte “Millennials love holding business and government accountable.” 🙋‍♀️🙋 @sersaun1 of @runningstart speaks for her ge… @Deloitte When people say to #GenZ or #millennials: “who says life has to be fair?” 👉They respond: “we do” Victoria Budson… @Deloitte 🎤 On stage next at @WomenLeadersGF: “Generation Distrupted: Earning Trust, Finding Meaning & Building Skills” D… @Deloitte Great 💡ideas💡 being shared in our LeadersTalk at @WomenLeadersGF about leading from the 🔝. “Without seeing role m… @Deloitte Deloitte’s @parmeleemichele talks on @MastercardEU’s panel about building an inclusive culture at Deloitte. “We be… @Deloitte 👉Have businesses built an inclusive environment? 👉Are we creating products designed for women? Questions open… @Deloitte .@JuliaGillard at #Reykjavik19: “Let’s build a world where a girl can live in a truly equal world. We all need to m… @Deloitte This morning at #Reykjavík19: Deloitte’s @parmeleemichele will join @MastercardEU to discuss the role of business i… @Deloitte “The theme of this year’s @WomenLeadersGF conference us #PowerTogether and that’s because we believe if we want to… @Deloitte 🗣The conversation starts here. Deloitte is at @WomenLeadersGF this week along with almost 500 women leaders from… @Deloitte #POLL This week, #Reykjavik19 will gather some of the world's brightest minds in to overcome barriers for… @Deloitte 👨‍👩‍👦 Families operate differently today than they ever have before... Shouldn't business do the same? Deloitte's… @Deloitte We're bringing @WomenLeadersGF to you! Tune in tomorrow for a live plenary session regarding how #Millennials view… @Deloitte It's time for change. It’s time for girls and women to lead the world with brains and hearts. Learn how Deloitte su… @Deloitte #ResponsibleConsumption is disrupting the existing #foodproduction processes. Randy Jagt, Partner, shares best prac… @Deloitte Excited to have Deloitte Global Chief People and Purpose Officer Michele Parmelee join @MastercardEU during a Leade… @Deloitte Get your message in front of your customers when they're primed to listen. Learn more about marketing agility in ou… @modaresearch RICERCHE - RESPONSABILE UFFICIO MODELLI ABBIGLIAMENTO UOMO/DONNA - VENETO @MIXURA_web E se lo diceva il Signor Firestone... Ciò che non si poteva immaginare è che un giorno tutto questo sarebbe diventa… @Deloitte Next week at #Reykjavik19 Deloitte is excited to welcome @sersaun1 from @runningstart on the main stage with our Gl… @Deloitte #Poll ❓What do you think is the most critical way to enable women to create #genderequality in business❓ Follow a… @Deloitte Meet us @SmartCityexpo to explore our Deloitte's #smartinfrastructure planning solution. Learn how the solution hel… @Deloitte At #Reykjavik19, @EllatheEngineer and @NishitaHenry will explore the barriers for women entering and building caree… @Deloitte 👉 What does the next generation of women influencers look like? 👉 👉 More importantly, what do they care about? M… @Deloitte This week, Deloitte leaders will join top influencers in business & politics to discuss solutions to… @Deloitte 👉 Learn why @DeloitteUK_1M is dedicated to giving every single person not only access to education, but the opportu… @Deloitte Growing up in a world of accelerated transformation leaves millennials and Gen Zs feeling unsettled about business… @Deloitte What are the three requirements for cities to qualify as a smart renewable city (SRC)? Tune into the latest episode… @Deloitte Sustainable #foodproduction is a global imperative. Join us for a conversation at the #FTGlobalFood summit as we un… @Deloitte To build an inclusive and tech-savvy workforce of the future requires a new type of hero - That's where… @Deloitte Deloitte named a leader in Cybersecurity Consulting services in APAC based on market presence, strategy and current… @Deloitte Deloitte’s 2019 global #tax management survey interviewed CFOs and CAOs. For some CFO’s reliably delivering accurat… @Deloitte #Smartfactories will be the main driver of competitiveness in five years. Read our leader's take on how… @Deloitte How will your customers know you'll always be there for them? Show them you've got 'em covered. Learn more in our 2… @Deloitte Millennials and Gen Zs now make up half of the earth’s population. Together, they account for most of the global wo… @Deloitte Despite new technologies creating a dynamic environment for #Defense, #Security, and #DisasterResponse organization… @MIXURA_web Dillo con un fiore! 😍❤ 🌻 Ci siamo innamorate... danielapaolacongiu @MIXURA_web #fiore #robot #iit #c1a0expo… @Deloitte At Deloitte, #Innovation is in our DNA. Whether we're developing solutions for the #SDGs at @UNLEASHlab or engaging… @Deloitte In the UK, the number of young people studying #digitalskills is nowhere near enough to meet the demand in the job… @MIXURA_web And so it begins! #c1a0expo #palazzosangiorgio #mainstage #salutiistituzionali #conference @Deloitte "Something amazing has happened here – you paved the way to a brighter future for all of us by connecting as innova… @Deloitte Our leaders are ready for the Women Leaders Global Forum in Iceland next week. Meet the Deloitte women making up o… @Deloitte Are we ready to feed 8.5 billion people by 2030? Join us at #FTGlobalFood Systems summit as we delve into the trend… @Deloitte Join us & @Consulting_Mag in congratulating Jennifer Lee, @DeloitteCanada Managing Partner, Growth Platforms, & Glo… @Deloitte If you knew some of the world's most influential women in business & politics were getting together to talk about d… @Deloitte Since attending @WomenLeadersGF last year, @EmmaJCodd has shaped an exciting new role as Deloitte Global Special Ad… @Deloitte #UNLEASH2019 ended yesterday, but has left our delegates with so much to celebrate! A winning solution to #SDG4 for… @sintexselezione @sintexselezione @Deloitte #SmartCities are the engine rooms of economic growth and opportunities. Connect with Deloitte leaders at #SCEWC19 a… @Deloitte We believe business and government should actively collaborate to advance society, especially when it comes to gend… @MIXURA_web Partiti con il Primo Hackathon c1a0_expo! Ed è solo l'inizio!! #c1a0expo #c1a0 #artificialintelligence #hack… @Deloitte Deloitte is proud to have Pat Daley, Vice Chair and Inclusion Leader, @DeloitteCanada hosting a LeadersTalk on how… @Deloitte How is #RenewablEenergy driving the future of smart renewable cities (SRCs)? Deloitte's Bernadette Cullinane and Ma… @Deloitte Renewables are the linchpin of #smartcities and #utility goals. How are they empowering cities to achieve their… @Deloitte #Renewables and #utilities will have a key role in achieving #SmartCities goals, says Deloitte’s @BCullinane_AU an…
Assoconsult si impegna a diffondere in Italia la conoscenza delle migliori tecniche di management per accrescere efficienza e competitività delle aziende e della Pubblica Amministrazione. Ciò significa anche rafforzare e sviluppare internamente maggiore consapevolezza della professione e potenziarne costantemente la qualificazione. Per questo l’Associazione è attiva nel promuovere la qualità dell’immagine, la difesa del ruolo, lo sviluppo e la formazione dei consulenti.

La missione di Assoconsult è dare valore alla Consulenza, supportando in modo visibile ed efficace le organizzazioni di tutti i comparti pubblici e privati per accrescere la capacità competitiva globale del sistema Italia.