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@Deloitte The road to #OYW2019: Meet Deloitte Lesley Stephen, a senior PR lead within Deloitte Global. She is passionate abou… @Deloitte The road to #OYW2019: Meet Deloitte OYW Scholar Maike Striffler, co-founder and Head of Acceleration for the… @Deloitte The road to #OYW2019: Meet Letitia Combes, a senior manager in @DeloitteDE. She feels like she makes an… @Deloitte Is your #digitaltransformation causing customer distrust? Learn how to utilize #technology to build the four key pi… @Deloitte At Deloitte, we know our people are our greatest asset. That’s why we let them do the talking. Read Jasmine’s blog… @Deloitte The road to #OYW2019: Meet Deloitte OYW Scholar @LanreShaper, the Chief Executive Director of @Areai4Africa in Nige… @Deloitte The road to #OYW2019: Meet Carolyn Kamanzi, a business analyst in @DeloitteUganda. She is a Fellow of the… @Deloitte Deloitte wants to encourage everyone to learn about #Lead2030 - the @OneYoungWorld flagship initiative for the… @Protiviti Customers, talent & capital have all expressed a preference for companies that contribute a positive environmental… @Protiviti Issue 9 of our Healthcare Key Issues Bulletin summarizes the industry news you need. Download your free copy at… @Protiviti Heading to AI World? Don't miss the Roundtable on 'AI Drives Innovation in Enterprise Applications' with @Protiviti… @Protiviti Protiviti recently released its 2019 Global IT Audit Benchmarking Study. The Protiviti View looks at the Top 5 tech… @Protiviti CFOs reflect on the benefits for consultants of having a deeper understanding of client operations in The… @Protiviti In early 2016, the OCC's semi-annual report stated that "In the area of credit risk, the warning lights are flashin… @Protiviti Lease Accounting: Lessons Learned & Internal Controls Implications - @Protiviti #webinar 10/29. Join us to find out… @Protiviti FASB Approves New Effective Dates for Four Major Accounting Standards - read our summary report at… @Protiviti Our #TechnologyInsights blog takes a look at the fundamentals of service accounts, the risks they pose and the chal… @Deloitte Deloitte Legal Leader, Australia and Global Leader of Tax Controversy James Fabijancic credits his success, in part… @Deloitte The road to #OYW2019: Meet @JulieNannini, a senior manager in @DeloitteUS. She hopes to learn more about what we ca… @Deloitte How can #digital technologies be used to enhance trust? Our latest article explores the four key pillars of technol… @Protiviti Former Congresswoman and Public Affairs Expert Susan Molinari joins Protiviti Advisory Board @Protiviti Thank you to @_WMMedia_ for a wonderful event yesterday; @Protiviti was honored to be recognized for the second ye… @Deloitte Can the #smartfactory unlock the key to productivity for #manufacturers? Learn more from this… @Deloitte @Deloitte’s Michele Parmelee discusses how business can help harness the energy and #activism of passionate young p… @Protiviti What's among the largest regulatory & compliance burdens organizations face? Operational Resilience. @Protiviti’s R… @Deloitte The road to #OYW2019: Meet @LuisDeLaCruz7, a senior consultant in @DeloitteUS. He strives to make an impact by conn… @Deloitte The new generation of #consumers want a seamless connected experience when on the move. Watch the full video on wha… @Deloitte With an increasing shift towards #DigitalEntertainment consumption, more people are rethinking traditional content… @Deloitte The road to #OYW2019: Meet Annie Wong, an assistant manager for @DeloitteUK. She strives to encourage open conversa… @Accentureitalia 365 giorni di grandi risultati in #ACICRoma. Cosa riserva il futuro? Ce lo anticipa Leonardo Vomero, #Accenture… @Protiviti We summarize the OCC’s 2020 Supervision plan and explain why financial institutions, regardless of size, should vie… @Deloitte What will the #FutureofMobility look like? Read our expert's insights: #FlyingCars #aerospace @Deloitte Through WorldClass, we aim to help 50 million people globally succeed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution by connec… @Accentureitalia Oggi #18ottobre in #ACINMilan, sono stati presentati i risultati della 3° wave di #DRIIM: il programma di ricerca d… @Accentureitalia #InsuranceDay19: il settore delle #assicurazioni sarà quello maggiormente interessato dalla disruption. L'intervist… @DXCitaly DXC Italia è orgogliosa di aver partecipato, grazie ai suoi dipendenti, alla raccolta fondi "LA MELA DI AISM" desti… @Accentureitalia Attenzione alla #sostenibilità e spazi per la co-creazione sono al centro del programma #ForwardBuilding. Entro il… @DXCitaly E se fossimo l'ultima generazione di guidatori della storia? Qui tutte le possibili previsioni: #AI… @Accentureitalia La #fiducia è motore della crescita. Ignorarne il potenziale mette a rischio il valore del brand. Leggi la ricerca… @methasrl Le norme indicate sono : ISO 9001 - Qualità ISO 14001 Ambiente Regolamento EMAS Ambiente OHSAS 18001 Sicurezza sul… @methasrl Pubblichiamo una piccola sintesi delle principali certificazioni volontarie in Italia. I dati provengono da varie b… @Protiviti No company can guarantee that it won’t become the victim of a data security breach, but having a carefully executed… @Protiviti @Protiviti’s Matt Hawkins highlights key differences between SAP’s approach to cloud and that of other major vendor… @Protiviti Join @Protiviti Chicago for an informational seminar in partnership with the Network of Executive Women to connect… @Protiviti Cybersecurity. Privacy. Data Management. Partnering with IT. Digital Disruption. Talent. 2019 Global IT Audit Bench… @Deloitte Alex Beasant saw Deloitte as a place where he could shape his own career. Find out more about working in… @Deloitte Soon young people from around the world will meet at #OYW2019 to discuss solving the world’s toughest challenges. I… @Protiviti Career Advancement Through #HIMSS Scholarships: @Protiviti’s Fortune Onwuzuruike is one of the panelists for this… @Deloitte The road to #OYW2019: Meet @WYunLi, an assistant project manager for @Deloitte in Taiwan. In her personal time, she… @Protiviti The @Protiviti View looks at how internal audit teams are adopting fast and flexible “agile” development methodolog… @Deloitte Shelby helped deploy a proprietary architecture to automate thousands of contracts that saved a client millions. Wh… @Protiviti A high-functioning purchasing process must be built on a set of well-defined and clearly stated business objectives… @Protiviti Hot bots: The payoffs and pitfalls of robotic process automation. Protiviti expert Tony Abel lends his advice in th… @Protiviti Responsible Privacy: Is the Board Doing Its Part? New issue of @Protiviti #BoardPerspectives looks at why every boa… @Deloitte The road to #OYW2019: Meet Zhili Chen, a senior consultant for @DeloitteChina. She feels like she is making an… @Protiviti Former Congresswoman and Public Affairs Expert Susan Molinari joins Protiviti Advisory Board @Protiviti Strategic issues are taking precedence for today’s #CFO – data security, privacy, advanced technologies and analyti… @Protiviti As cloud technology becomes the infrastructure of the next generation of commerce, we look at some of the key risks… @Deloitte The road to #OYW2019: Meet Kate Bossie, an assistant manager for @DeloitteUK. She is excited to meet fellow #OYW de… @Deloitte What if when you were in high school and had the opportunity to start your own business with a team of #mentors bac… @DXCitaly Siamo orgogliosi di essere gold sponsor di #PerformGo! Di @Dynatrace , che si terrà a Milano il 22 ottobre. Non per… @Accentureitalia Si conclude ora l'#InsuranceDay19 di #Accenture e @MilanoFinanza che ha dato inizio al #FestivalDelleAssicurazioni.… @Accentureitalia #GenZ e nuovo paradigma assicurativo, una sfida di cui parla ora Isabella Fumagalli @BNPPCardifIT all'… @Accentureitalia Il #reskilling delle competenze emerge come tema centrale, parte della #disruption che sta interessando il settore… @Accentureitalia A #InsuranceDay19, @MarcoSesanatw - Country Manager and Ceo @GeneraliItalia e Global Business Lines - interviene or… @Accentureitalia Il cambiamento di passo nel rapporto tra banca, wealth management, #assicurazione, cittadini: il valore centrale è… @Accentureitalia Consumatori e dipendenti sono gli stakeholder prioritari a cui le aziende devono guardare per definire la loro stra… @Accentureitalia #InsuranceDay19 - Presutti #Accenture: il cambiamento del settore assicurativo è guidato da nuove abitudini e stili… @Accentureitalia Daniele Presutti #Accenture: essere digitali oggi è fondamentale, ma non è più un elemento di differenziazione per… @Accentureitalia Governare la #Disruption, assicurare la #Sostenibilità il tema dell’intervento di Daniele Presutti, #Insurance Lead… @DXCitaly Interessante articolo di @Repubblica su #Megaface, lo scandalo delle foto rubate agli utenti per addestrare l'intel… @Accentureitalia Inizia ora #InsuranceDay19: Paolo Panerai, Editor in Chief e CEO di #ClassEditori, apre i lavori dell’… @Accentureitalia Questa mattina siamo alla @FdVMilano per la nuova edizione dell'Insurance Day 2019 che apre il Festival delle… @Accentureitalia Circa 200 aziende italiane hanno aderito alla survey che abbiamo condotto con @globalcompact, una testimonianza del… @Accentureitalia Oggi #17ottobre, torna #InsuranceDay19: con @MilanoFinanza e i principali attori del settore #insurance, parleremo… @Protiviti #AI is used more extensively in #cybersecurity than in any other function, with usage expected to grow nearly 20% b… @Protiviti Customers, talent & capital have all expressed a preference for companies that contribute a positive environmental… @Deloitte Elevated #FutureofMobility will likely become a reality over the next decade and will transform the way people and… @Deloitte The road to #OYW2019: Meet Deloitte OYW Scholar @h_e_purkiss, DO for @IntoUniversity educational charity. She is pa… @Deloitte How rapidly are manufacturers adopting digital or #smartmanufacturing? Tune into Deloitte’s new… @Deloitte In the age of #data breaches, learn how #digital #technology can be used to build the four pillars of trust for you… @Protiviti The Real Cost of Skipping Risk Quantification – check out our infographic to see at a glance the value-add quantifi… @Protiviti Former Congresswoman and Public Affairs Expert Susan Molinari joins Protiviti Advisory Board @Protiviti @Protiviti expert Dr Diana Candela speaks on the Unspoken Risk Factors of Your Underlying Cloud Infrastructure at t… @Protiviti More finance organizations migrating from #ERP systems to a cloud model, implementing #RPA and #AI, improving how t… @Protiviti Shift-Left Security in the Cloud: second of our 4-part cybersecurity webinar series looks at the accelerated pace o… @Accentureitalia #ACINMilan è il luogo dove il futuro accade ogni giorno. Benvenuti nel nuovo #DigitalBar del nostro centro di… @Deloitte Innovation is not just about ideas, it's about the process. Ready to #innovate? #MakeYourImpact… @Protiviti In early 2016, the OCC's semi-annual report stated that "In the area of credit risk, the warning lights are flashin… @Protiviti Listen to our 18-minute podcast to learn the key points from our new Finance Trends 2019 survey report… @Deloitte The rapid adoption of #EVs may accelerate the development of other vying technologies like those fueled by hydrogen… @Deloitte The road to #OYW2019: Meet Ben Hudson, a consultant for @DeloitteUK. He believes it is so important that people in… @Protiviti @Protiviti’s i on Hunger program aims to improve food availability, quality and sustainability and attack the root… @Deloitte Business #leaders: How are you managing the disruption impacting every area of your organization? Weigh in with you… @Accentureitalia Domani 17 ottobre, torna #InsuranceDay19. Insieme a @MilanoFinanza e ai principali attori del settore, parleremo di… @DXCitaly Non perdere il Career Day del 23 ottobre presso @unitorvergata! Avrai la possibilità di partecipare a seminari di o… @SCS_Consulting Insieme a @OpenGroupEu, firmato il contratto con il #ComunediVenezia per realizzare un piano di #formazione che acc… @Accentureitalia #ForwardBuilding: continua il programma che coinvolgerà le nostre sedi in Italia per creare una rete dedicata all’… @DXCitaly Stiamo cercando Consulenti Zuora per entrare a far parte del nostro team multidisciplinare Enterprise & Cloud Appli… @Protiviti No company can guarantee that it won’t become the victim of a data security breach, but having a carefully executed…

Milano - IULM, 14 Novembre 2019 

Il principale appuntamento italiano annuale dedicato ai temi del Lavoro e del People Management

'Sotto i cieli d'Europa'


Intervento del nostro Vicepresidente Luigi Riva nella giornata dedicata alla digitalizzazione del mondo professionale - 29 Novembre 2019

Articolo su LA REPUBBLICA, 9 Settembre 2019
'Consulenza, 5 anni di boom ed è "caccia" ai laureati'

Si parla di Assoconsult e dell'ottimo stato di salute del Management Consulting in Italia

Articolo IL SOLE 24 ORE 'LAVORO', 4 Settembre 2019

'Il trampolino della consulenza lancia 18mila neolaureati nella dirigenza'


'Osservatorio sul Management Consulting 2019'


Primo punto di riferimento per l’industry della consulenza in Italia

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