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@Deloitte How could younger generations accelerate the adoption of shared mobility? Our 2019 Global Automotive Consumer Study… @Deloitte Better #compliance is an advantage for both the organization and its people. Why? Explore now.… @Deloitte 80% of digitally maturing orgs actively cultivate partnerships with other companies to facilitate… @Deloitte After decades of failed attempts, #airmobility is becoming a reality. Deloitte’s latest insight reveals more:… @Deloitte What's keeping A&D companies from moving forward with #smartfactories, despite the hype over #Industry40? Here's De… @Deloitte With the global #drone market soaring, how can the #airspace be managed for #unmannedvehicles? #PAS19… @Deloitte As the nature of entry-level roles become more advanced, developing nations' relative labor cost advantage is erodi… @AntaresComo Popolare #Bari, ecco come scricchiolano i conti della #banca di Jacobini e De Bustis di @StartMagNews @Deloitte How can #digital play a role in improving #SmartFactory performance? Steve Shepley, our US A&D Consulting Leader wi… @DXCitaly DXC Technology Italia è alla ricerca di Technical Consultant in grado di supportare le attività del Business Proces… @DXCitaly Sviluppo della tecnologia #Cloud, in arrivo sul mercato 5 novità indispensabili per la crescita della tua impresa.… @Deloitte The mobility industry is headed towards a future with #flyingcars and #eVOTLs. But, what's still keeping them on th… @DXCitaly I ruoli lavorativi "tradizionali" sono destinati a modificarsi e ridefinirsi grazie alla #digitaltrasformation? Qui… @Deloitte How can A&D companies overcome their organizational challenges to ignite #AI adoption? Deloitte’s Gerald Faustino d… @AntaresComo My week on Twitter 🎉: 7 Likes, 3 Retweets, 26.1K Retweet Reach. See yours with @Deloitte Digitally mature orgs must prepare for greater risks that more agile and distributed teams present in the marketpla… @Deloitte Attending #EATForum19 in Stockholm, today? Join Deloitte's Shay Eliaz as he sheds light on how transforming the glo… @Deloitte The #FutureOfWork is about creating smart workplaces powered by humans, teams and robots.… @Deloitte After decades of failed attempts, #airmobility is becoming a reality! Join our Global A&D Leader, @robinlineberger,… @DXCitaly Assistenti virtuali e consumatori, un rapporto tra litigi e incomprensioni destinato a fortificarsi sempre di più!… @Deloitte Can #mining companies crack the code around fully interlinking their #supplychains? Find out from our leaders:… @AntaresComo I dieci errori finanziari più comuni da evitare di @wallstreetita @AntaresComo Pace fiscale, record di #cartelle rottamate: pari a 38,2 miliardi di euro. Nel decreto Crescita via libera a riaper… @DXCitaly Stiamo assistendo ad un cambiamento in ambito di soluzioni innovative dovuto ad #AI e #MachineLearning che agirà in… @Deloitte Is moving to the sky the solution to traffic and urban congestion? Switch into the fast lane with #flyingcars:… @Deloitte Join us on 17 June as we explore the latest #aircraft and #aerospace technologies and navigate into the… @Deloitte In our 5th annual digital study with @MITSMR, we evaluated how digitally maturing orgs are using digital ecosystems… @Deloitte With #preventivehealthcare on the rise, how will the global food system evolve? Join us at #EATForum19 for a conver… @Deloitte Deloitte and Signal A.I collaborate to digitize tax regulation monitoring with artificial intelligence @Deloitte Join our conversations at #CESAsia '19 as Deloitte's Simon Dixon will be joined by industry experts to discuss… @Deloitte The definition of "entry-level" is changing. How exactly is it affecting youth unemployment after the global financ… @DXCitaly #Cybersecurity, come affrontare un attacco hacker nella maniera più efficiente possibile per la tua azienda.… @DXCitaly Come la digitalizzazione del punto vendita cambierà il mondo del retail 👉 @AntaresComo "Tassiamo i soldi nascosti" @Deloitte Consumers now have more choice than ever about mobility and connectivity. Learn more in our 2019 Global #Automotive… @DXCitaly DXC Technology Italia assume Business Process Consultant in grado di definire ed allineare i processi del cliente a… @Deloitte #eVTOL disruption is just around the corner. Are stakeholders and #aviation industry players ready? Deloitte's Robi… @Deloitte Are you ready for what’s next in the #aerospace and defense industry? Meet our Deloitte team at #ParisAirShow on 17… @Deloitte Our 2019 #MillennialSurvey asked 13,416 millennials and 3,009 Gen Zs about their views of their careers, their live… @Deloitte “We are at a nexus where people want to contribute and they want to work for employers that have a purpose beyond p… @AntaresComo Rottamazione delle #cartelle, nuovo termine il 31 luglio @Deloitte #Sustainablefood production on your agenda? Join Deloitte's Shay Eliaz for a discussion on the transformation of th… @AntaresComo Finanza agevolata? Sì grazie! @DXCitaly Unisciti al nostro gruppo di LinkedIn! Vieni a parlare e confrontarti su argomenti come le #TecnologieEmergenti che… @Deloitte .@moovit ’s Nir Erez, Israeli Innovation Authority’s Dr. Ami Applebaum, @wef ‘s Michelle Avary, and @scottlcorwin d… @Deloitte .@wef 's Michelle Avary talks to Deloitte’s @scottlcorwin about why #mobility is a human right.… @Deloitte Join Deloitte's Global Transportation Leader, Simon Dixon, at #CESAsia '19 as he explores challenges & opportunitie… @AntaresComo Italiani restano liquidi, nonostante le tasse occulte del conto corrente di @wallstreetita @AntaresComo «Se costruisci una grande esperienza, i consumatori parleranno tra loro di quello. Il #passaparola è molto potente»… @DXCitaly Secondo IDC, la spesa globale per la #cybersecurity ha sfiorato i 103 miliardi di dollari quest'anno, scopri i dett… @Deloitte # AI #robotics and other technologies aren’t replacing work, they’re transforming it. Find out how your business ca… @Deloitte Join us at #CESAsia 2019 to uncover top #SmartCities global trends. For more insights on smart cities, explore our… @Deloitte Youth unemployment is one of the most challenging consequences of the global financial crisis amongst both develope… @AntaresComo #Risparmi, conti correnti e inflazione: un “balzello occulto” da 10 miliardi di @qui_finanza @Deloitte #AutonomousVehicles on your business agenda? Join @scottlcorwin, Deloitte's #FutureofMobility Leader, tomorrow at… @DXCitaly Il settore dei trasporti è sul punto di mutare profondamente a causa dell'introduzione dei veicoli autonomi e dell'… @DXCitaly Dropshipping, come si può competere con chi i prodotti li regala o quasi? #ecommerce #future #business #clienti… @AntaresComo Strategie social? Un #investimento che ha un grande ritorno #AntaresComo di @sole24ore @DXCitaly DXC Technology Italia è alla ricerca di Project Manager in grado di gestire progetti ServiceNow come focal point pe… @Deloitte Deloitte, @FortuneMagazine and@CECPtweets examine the importance of corporate #volunteerism. Read the full article… @Deloitte We are excited to be at #EcoMotion2019. Stop by Deloitte stand for some cool conversations:… @AntaresComo Our biggest fans this week: CasaLettori, Michele_Arnese, andrewsword2. Thank you! via @Deloitte Asian countries see some of the highest levels of multi-modal transportation, something not widely used in the US.… @Deloitte In the decade since the global #financialcrisis, there has been uneven progress for some groups, leading to some wo… @methasrl Sicurezza sul lavoro: i documenti da conservare in azienda per il Dlgs. 81/08 @Deloitte What will future jobs in #manufacturing look like? Read about the #drone data coordinator. #FutureofWork @Deloitte Attending @EcoMotionIL's #EcoMotion2019? Get a preview on what seamless integrated #mobility will look like before… @DXCitaly Scopri le novità sugli usi commerciali della tecnologia #blockchain. 👉#supplychain @DXCitaly Assistenti virtuali, una realtà con potenzialità notevoli destinata a diventare sempre più importante nei contesti… @AntaresComo Effetto mini-condono: cancellate #cartelle per oltre 32 miliardi, azzerate quelle sotto 1.000 euro @ilmessaggeroit @Deloitte Learn more about Deloitte's commitment to make an #ImpactThatMatters in our feature in @FortuneMagazine @BTOResearch Our experts talking about Change Management to guide disruptive transformation. @ officina22.brera @DXCitaly DXC Italia assume: Chief Technical Officer, Technical Project Leader, SW Architect, DevOps Engineer, Cloud Architec… @Deloitte Deloitte is once again proud to be a part of the FT’s Global Pharma & Biotech Conference, 11-12 November 2019.… @Deloitte 53% of leaders say #blockchain has become a critical priority for their organizations in 2019 (up 10% over last yea… @Deloitte How are life sciences stakeholders outsourcing #clinicalinnovation? Read our 2019 Global #lifesciences outlook:… @Deloitte Explore how the global #labormarket has changed in the decade since the global financial crisis. @Deloitte Who is responsible for developing skills needed for a world changed by Industry 4.0? We asked millennials and Gen Z…

19 Giugno 2019 Roma - Confindustria


Non mancare al nostro appuntamento annuale dedicato al mondo della consulenza

2° Seminario Formazione Imprenditori della Consulenza - Milano, 29 Maggio 2019

‘Il futuro delle aziende: un collegamento con le sfide strategiche del Sistema economico’



Quattro studenti premiati  al Value Game organizzato da Assoconsult con l'Università Bicocca di Milano 

Comunicato Stampa, 21 Maggio 2019


Articolo MILANO FINANZA 'L'ora dei tech - hunter'
18 Maggio 2019

Intervista al nostro Presidente Marco Valerio Morelli sul ruolo della Consulenza nel mondo dell’Executive Search


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